Why "Underworld: Blood Wars" won't stay under

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

Kate Beckinsale is probably the sexiest vampire you know.

Five years since the last movie, the "Underworld" franchise is delving into the depths to deliver its fifth instalment, "Underworld: Blood Wars", which continues to explore the unforgiving war between the Vampire and Lycan race.

With one of the strongest mythology backstories attached to a vampire/werewolf movie out there (not looking at you, "Twilight"), "Underworld" has proven that it doesn't need the critics or popular votes to keep the franchise going as it has been able to hold on to its niche bloodthirsty audience that are only eager for more.

In "Underworld: Blood Wars" (also known as "Underworld: Next Generation in the U.S.) English actress Kate Beckinsale reprises her role as vampire death dealer, Selene, who now with her enhanced powers finds herself and her equally as powerful daughter, Eve, evading capture from the Lycan clan and Vampire factions who want them for their blood. But there is only so far and so long they can run, so along with David (Theo James) - a hybrid - and his father Thomas (Charles Dance) Selene plots to end the war between both the races once and for all.

If watching Vampires and Lycans battle it out isn't reason enough for you to catch this action horror flick, then read on for why you should for this franchise that won't stay under.

1. Kate Beckinsale is back in black.

English rose Kate Beckinsale doesn't look a day over her 43 years of age, which makes us think... "Hmm, could she be a vampire in real life?" All that wondering aside, we sure are glad to see her take on the reign as bad-ass Selene once again, especially since the action scenes involving her and her all black leather suit have only been getting better and better. With her enhanced hybrid like abilities which we're sure we'll see more of in "Underworld: Blood Wars", her coveted blood for immortality only makes her walking target from all sides. How will she overcome this? Will she survive or does this mean the end for her?

2. Tobias Menzies is the baddies of all baddies.

A new exciting addition to the franchise is English actor Tobias Menzies. If you're a fan of TV's "Outlander" or "Game of Thrones" then you'll know how good his acting chops are, especially in the former where his cunning evil is without bounds. It's great that producers of "Blood Wars" had added on this valuable talent on board, because let's be honest, the acting department in the "Underworld" series could use a little boost. Playing Marius, Menzies is the new leader of the Lycan race. Planning to eradicate the Vampires by gaining immortality and end the war once and for all, how will this new fear-instilling actor succeed with his mission when faced with Selene?

3. A very bloody war.

Throughout all the "Underworld" movies, we've come to see many conflicts that end in violent battles between the Vampires and Lycans. In "Blood Wars" it seems that both warring sides have finally had enough and just want to put an end to things once and for all. With the Vampires trying to stop the Lycans from going after Selene's blood to make their race invincible, we can be assured that no lives will be spared as now the survival of both species are at stake or as the trailer dramatically puts it, "I fear more blood will be spilled than ever before".

4. Introduction to a new franchise lead, Theo James.

Ok, it's not really an introduction to Theo James' David considering the hybrid from the Vampire faction was a prominent character in "Underworld: Awakening", however many have noted that with the departure of Scott Speedman as Selene's hybrid lover Michael Corvinus, it had left the franchise in need of a prominent male lead, and this is where David fits in. Although the role of Michael Corvinus in "Blood Wars" will now be played by a much younger actor, Trent Garret, it seems that he will only be there to fulfil gaps in the storyline as frontrunner David takes the lead for future movies.

5. Lead up to "Underworld 6" and beyond.

Co-creator, producer and ex-husband of Kate Beckinsale has confirmed that there will indeed be a sixth movie. Beckinsale will reprise her role as Selene, but at what capacity is yet to be confirmed. What's looking quite possible though, is that it would surely have to be the one where Selene will finally make her departure to make way for David and a slew of other new characters. Afterall, Selene's storyline arc has got to end someday and we doubt that more interesting events are yet to take place for her which hasn't already taken place.

"Underworld: Blood Wars" comes to cinemas on 1 December 2016.


Cinema Online, 27 November 2016

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