At the red carpet of the Tokyo International Film Festival 2016

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

Where there is a film festival the stars will surely come, and so was the case for the 29th edition of the Tokyo International Film Festival where there was the attendance of at least one Hollywood A-lister and a slew of other well-known regional personalities. Want to know who walked the prestigious red carpet at the event? Luckily Cinema Online was there to capture all of their photos for your viewing pleasure!

Kicking off the red carpet is festival muse Haru Kuroki and TIFF festival director Yasushi Shiina.

Filipino stars Mary Joy Apostol, Arnold Reyes, Pamela L. Reyes and Mikhail Red of "Birdshot".

Indonesian filmmaker Riri Riza (middle) with his cast from "Emma".

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Cinema Online, 26 October 2016

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