"Suicide Squad" antiheroes get double posters

Writer: Florey DM

Usually, we get to see superhero movies from the superhero's point-of-view. "Suicide Squad", however, turns the table and lets fans view the world from the other side of the fence.

The antiheroes are the star of the upcoming movie adaptation. Straying far from the usual dark and sombre looks of DC movies, these recently released character posters – two for each of the 'worst heroes ever' – show just how colourfully crazy the movie will get.

"Suicide Squad" crashes the big screen in August 2016.

Jay Hernandez's Diablo can summon fire with his bare hands.

Karen Fukuhara makes her big screen debut as the mystical Soultaker blade-wielding Katana.

Will Smith is expert marksman and assassin, Deadshot.

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Cinema Online, 23 June 2016

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