Taufik awaits fans' reaction towards new movie

Writer: Ashraf Nasser

Taufik Batisah stars opposite Fasha Sandha in "Dukun Doktor Dani".

Singaporean singer Taufik Batisah shot to fame in Malaysia through his hit single, "Awak Kat Mane", and has since been winning various awards locally and abroad.

He also caught the attention of a local producer and was then chosen as one of the juries for the programme "Maharaja Lawak Mega 2014".

The 34-year-old's success in Malaysia continued as he was picked to star in filmmaker Sabri Yunus' movie, "Dukun Doktor Dani".

Interestingly, Taufik was given the trust to play the lead character opposite actress Fasha Sandha.

Apart from Taufik and Fasha, the Astro Shaw and Balang Rimbun co-production also features a stellar cast including Amerul Affendi, Arwah Yus Edoo, Khatijah Tan, Raysha Risroze and more.

Taufik was most recently spotted promoting "Dukun Doktor Dani" during its gala premiere, where he shared a thing or two about his experience playing the titular character.

Taufik Batisah makes acting his new career.

Cinema Online: Can you tell us more about your character in the movie?

Taufik: In the movie, I play Doktor Dani. Initially, he was a highly confident doctor. But things changed when one of his operations failed and caused the patient to pass away. After the incident, he made the decision to stop being a doctor and returned to his village.

This is your first time acting in a movie by Sabri Yunus, who also makes his directorial debut with this movie. How was it like working with Sabri?

I would like to say thank you to Sabri and the Balang Rimbun crew who generously taught me and gave me guidance. I feel very lucky because they are willing to work with me, a newbie in the film industry. In fact, with Sabri's help, I did not feel it was hard to portray the Doktor Dani character.

Is this your first time acting?

No. Before this, I've had some experience acting in a musical theatre and a telemovie in Singapore.

Are you ready to face comments about your acting?

Before entering the hall, I was nervous. But after the screening was over, I felt relieved when I heard the positive comments from the audience. After this, if there is anyone who would like to offer me a role, I will continue acting. Anyway, I would like to first wait for fans' reactions towards my big screen debut.

What are your hopes for "Dukun Doktor Dani"?

I hope it will receive a good reception from audiences and hope that they will receive something positive after watching the movie.

Watch "Dukun Doktor Dani" and take a listen to Taufik singing the movie's theme song, "Harus Begitu", in cinemas now.

Cinema Online, 02 August 2016