The Mighty Power of the Pen and Note

Writer: Yap Yew Jin

8 Nov - What would you do if you had the power to kill off someone just by writing his or her name on a special notebook. Would you use it to murder the people you hate or use it to make the world a better place?

Based on a popular Japanese manga, "Death Note" deals with that very situation. A Shinigami drops a death note, which grants its user the power to kill whoever's name is written on it. It was picked up by a university student named Light, who uses it to create his ideal world by killing off all criminals. Governments from around the world work together with L, a mysterious detective, to find out who is behind the murders. Next begins a deadly battle between the two geniuses as they both try to outwit and outsmart one another in a race against time.

After the screening, we asked the winners: "What did you think of the movie? And how would you rate it, out of 5 stars?"

JP: I thought the initial plot was good and solid but it kind of fell apart at the end. The Death God was silly. 3.5 stars. Ng Siew Ling (R): I like the storyline. It is interesting. 4 stars.
Salmiah M Kamari: It's a great thriller movie. 3.5 stars.
Mohd Izham: It was an awesome movie that's mind-boggling with lots of brain teasers. 4 stars. Linus (L): A little bit dry and at times the psychological mind games are a little hard to catch but the movie felt very rich with many layers and reaches to some depths. I'll be watching it again to appreciate these layers. 3 stars.

"Death Note" opens in cinemas nationwide 9 November 2006.

Cinema Online, 09 November 2006