"Godzilla" reboot for 2014

Writer: Peter Chai

Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures are ready to release their "Godzilla" reboot in 2014.

17 Sep – It is already 14 years since we last saw the giant lizard wreak havoc in Manhattan, a scenario that was a loose remake of the 1954 Japanese giant monster classic "Godzilla", which is more than about time for a remake or reboot and that is what Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures are ready to do in two years' time.

According to Deadline, teaser footage of the "Godzilla" reboot along with a teaser poster was unveiled at San Diego's Comic-Con this year saw great reception with its grittier and more realistic style. The film itself is set to be released on 16 May 2014 in the United States and it will be in 3D.

The teaser poster for "Godzilla".

"Monsters" director Gareth Edwards will be helming the cameras behind the new production, under the hands of "The Expendables" writer David Callaham, "Dark Knight" trilogy writer David S. Goyer and Max Borenstein.

Although Warner Bros announced that audience will get to watch the massive Godzilla attacks in 3D, there is no confirmation on whether the movie will be shot in 3D or be converted after.

"Godzilla" is regarded as one of the longest film franchises in history as it spawned more than 25 films, television programs, video games and book series. Roland Emmerich directed the Hollywood version of "Godzilla" in 1998, starring Matthew Broderick, Maria Pitillo, Hank Azaria, Kevin Dunn and French actor Jean Reno. The movie achieved US$379 million in the worldwide box office and eventually won the Best Special Effects at the 26th Saturn Awards.

Cinema Online, 17 September 2012