Jessica Chastain to produce and star in a super hero film

Writer: Arivintiran Ponnan

Jessica Chastain takes on a superhero role.

11 Nov – Original graphic novel series, "Painkiller Jane" by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada is about to be rebooted for the big screen with Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain as the lead.

The Hollywood actress who's also producing the movie would play the ruthless crime fighting vigilante "Painkiller Jane".

The comic series originally published in 1995 tells the story of an undercover female police officer, Jane Vasco, who after a freak accident gains superhuman regenerative power.

She then chooses to use her powers to fight crime and becomes the vigilante, "Painkiller Jane", leaving behind her life as a police officer.

The comic book series were adapted into a television mini-series with few revamps from 2005 to 2007 but it was all short-lived.

The sensual crime vigilante "Painkiller Jane". (Photo Source:

It would be huge feat for this lesser known superhero movie to fare well at the box office compared to comic book giants Marvel and DC comics.

But given the charisma of the Golden Globe award winner, the feat might just be possible.

The release date for the movie is yet to be announced.

Cinema Online, 11 November 2016