Singaporean comedy flick collects over SGD2 million in four weeks

Writer: Arivintiran Ponnan

Actress Michelle Chong plays the flamboyant character of leopard print loving, Lulu.

28 Dec – Singaporean comedy entertainer, "Lulu the Movie" has collected more than SGD2 million at the local box office in just 4 weeks of screening.

'Lulu' was a famous character from a TV series who was well-received by the Singaporean audience which prompted Michelle Chong, the director, to adapt her for the big screen.

The decision was a fruitful one as the extravagant movie is now one of the top 6 Chinese-language movies and also one of the top 3 local films in Singapore for 2016.

"Lulu the Movie" (SGD 2.013 million) just falls short behind Singaporean period film "Long Long Time Ago" (SGD3.03 million) and Stephen Chow's "The Mermaid" (SGD4.35 million).

Actress, writer and director Michelle Chong expressed her gratitude and her excitement over this huge accomplishment.

She said, "I feel very touched and grateful that we managed to break the SGD2 million mark, despite competing with established Hollywood blockbuster franchises such as "Harry Potter" ["Fantastic Beasts"] and "Star Wars" ["Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"].

"I thank our cinema distributor Cathay for their trust in this movie, the local media for their support and the fans of the movie for their social media posts," added the filmmaker.

She also expressed that she will continue to create original characters such as 'Lulu' which locals can relate to well.

"Lulu the Movie" tells the story of a determined Mainland Chinese lady who comes to Singapore to meet her online boyfriend, but ends up making a name for herself as an international fashion icon.

Cinema Online, 28 December 2016

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