"Along with the Gods" stars thank fans for 10 million admissions

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"Along with the Gods" stars Do Kyung-soo (L) and Ju Ji-hoon holding up handwritten
messages that convey their love and gratitude to fans.

5 Jan – "Along with the Gods" has yet to open in our country but it is already making waves over in its home country of South Korea.

This message from Do Kyung-soo (otherwise known as D.O., a singer from the popular Korean group EXO) says it all:

"Thank you for 10M admissions of "Along with the Gods"."

The singer-actor was among the members of the star-studded cast who took the chance to thank their fans for the impressive feat, after it was revealed yesterday by South Korean distributor Lotte Entertainment that the movie exceeded the figure within just 16 days of its release.

The fantasy blockbuster opened in South Korea on 20 December last year and has now become the first movie of 2017 to surpass 10 million moviegoers in the country.

Actor Ju Ji-hoon also sends his love to fans with the following message: "Hitting 10M Admissions! Best wishes for a Happy New Year!"

(Clockwise from top left) Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Dong-wook, Ha Jung-woo and
Kim Hyang-gi thanking fans for showing love to "Along with the Gods".

Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Dong-wook, Ha Jung-woo and Kim Hyang-gi also posted photos of themselves with messages that say "Thank you for all the audiences who love "Along with the Gods" ~ 10M Admissions!" (Cha), "Thank you so much for hitting 10M Admissions T_T I will live my life with appreciation forever^_^" (Kim Dong-wook), ""Along with the Gods" Hitting 10M Admissions! Thank you! (feat. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!)" (Ha) and ""Along with the Gods" Hitting 10M Admissions!! Thank you? Take my heart! Go for it! Go for it!" (Kim Hyang-gi).

This makes the movie Lotte Entertainment's first title to exceed the 10 million moviegoers mark and the 16th Korean movie to reach the figure.

"Along with the Gods" is coming to Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Cambodia on 11 January 2018 and Malaysia on 18 January 2018.

Cinema Online, 05 January 2018

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