Aaron Kwok to reduce fee for new movie?

Writer: Heidi Hsia

Aaron Kwok might be receiving a lower fee for his next big screen project.
Aaron Kwok might be receiving a lower fee for his next big screen project.

7 Apr – Aaron Kwok is back to work after a period of mourning for his late mother, and reportedly has recently said yes to a new movie with producer Cheang Pou Soi.

According to Oriental Daily, the actor was reported to have reduced his fee for the new movie – as much as 30 percent – to express his solidarity with the Hong Kong film industry that is currently facing an "ice age", following the Hong Kong protests and the subsequent COVID-19 pandemic.

When asked about it, Aaron's manager Siu Mei stated that the actor has indeed been negotiating on a new movie, though stressed that everything is currently in discussion, including his payment.

"There wasn't any request for a "discount", but it is currently an ice age in the industry, so if everybody wants to face it together, there is room for consultation," she said.

In a previous statement relayed via the same manager, Aaron stated that he was excited for the said project, adding that Cheang is a filmmaker that he has always admired.

This will be the fifth collaboration between the two parties, who have worked together in Cheang's "The Monkey King" trilogy.

(Photo source: Aaron Kwok's Instagram)

Cinema Online, 07 April 2020

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