Group booked cinema hall for $435 to play games, not movies

Writer: Florey DM

This group of friends rented the cinema hall for 3 hours just to play games on the big screen.
This group of friends rented the cinema hall for 3 hours just to play games on the big screen.

25 Nov – While typically cinema patrons book cinema halls for private movie screenings, this particular group of friends decided to book one for an "awesome gaming experience."

A Facebook user, Les Yam, shared his and his friends' experience via a post in the Complaint Singapore Facebook group

"This is not a complaint," he prefaced his post. "Just want to share our awesome gaming experience at a cinema at Funan on 21 Nov 2020 and to show our support for local businesses."

"We booked the entire hall for 3 hours with free popcorn and drink for each person. A once-in-a- lifetime experience we will never forget," he added.

He also shared a few photos and videos of him and his group of friends enjoying their 3-hour gaming session in the cinema hall, which cost them a total of $435.

He also noted that anyone interested to duplicate their experience will need to bring their own gaming console as the cinema does not provide one. He said that his Xbox One console "worked perfectly fine."

One of the photos of the gaming session shared by Les Yam in the Complaint Singapore Facebook Group.

As comments asking him about the hall rental started flooding in since he made the post a couple of days back, he has updated his post with further info.

"We emailed to several cinema operators for hall rental, only GV got back to us," he stated.

"We were offered two packages for 3 hours - $435 with free popcorns and drinks or $455 with free choice of small bites. We chose the 1st option. We were allowed to test the console at the hall before the booking date. After the test, a contract need to be signed and payment be made before the date. That's it. Quick and simple process."

That's a pretty positive post in a Facebook group that – as per its name –is substantially more for grievances and criticisms.

Though he did add a "complaint" at the end of his post, stating, "If the price could be cheaper like $300 for 3 hours, I wouldn't mind coming back again for 2nd big-screen gaming."

(Photo source: Les Yam's Facebook | Complaint Singapore Facebook Group)

Cinema Online, 25 November 2020