Two Malaysian films selected as SAFF Project Market 2020 finalists

Writer: Nisa Irina

 One of the films, "Hungry Ghost Diner",is directed by Cho We Jun.
One of the films, "Hungry Ghost Diner",is directed by Cho We Jun.

1 Dec – It's another proud moment for Malaysia when two of its films, "Discovered" and "Hungry Ghost Diner", were listed as the finalists at the Southeast Asian Film Financing Forum (SAFF) Project Market 2020.

The project, organised by Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF), will be held online from today until 4 December (Friday).

"Hungry Ghost Diner" is the first feature-length film written and directed by Cho We Jun, which is still under production and expected to be released in 2022.

Produced by Lim Benji, the Mandarin-language film is a family-centred drama with a touch of the supernatural.

The poster forMai Fernandez's "Discovered".

Meanwhile, "Discovered" is a supernatural thriller film utilising a found footage concept, written and directed by Mai Fernandez.

Both the films are among the 10 projects from China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Germany, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand that were picked based on the strength of the production and crew.

The top five projects will be announced and awarded this 4 December.

Previously, producer Iskander Azizuddin also represented Malaysia at the SAFF Project Market with his 2019 film project, "Angkat".

Cinema Online, 01 December 2020