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After being dumped by her husband, Rafi (Uma Thurman) is left with little more than a ticking biological clock and the sympathy of her therapist Lisa (Meryl Streep). When Lisa encourages Rafi to re-enter the dating world, the last thing Rafi expects is to fall in love with a younger man... who happens to be Lisa`s only son.

Language: English
Subtitle: NA
Classification: PG
Release Date: 24 Nov 2005
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Running Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Cast: Uma Thurman
Format: NA


Writer: Nurliana Kamaruddin

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Cast: NA
Plot: NA
Effects: NA
Cinematography: NA

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Some romantic comedies are just a little more real than the others. They make you leave the cinema with that warm fuzzy feeling inside you, a wistful feeling that gets you believing just a little bit more about the good things in life - love especially. "Prime" is one such movie and for a romantic comedy, it stands very well on its own as a romantic comedy that doesn't insult your intelligence.

37-year-old Raphael 'Rafi' just finalised her divorce. Still looking for something more in her life, she meets David and it was instant attraction. He was caring, attentive, smart, funny, a talented artist and he loved her in ways her husband never did. The problem is, David's all wrong for her - he comes from a traditional Jewish family and at 23 years old, much too young for her, a secret she confides to her therapist Lisa.

Of course, there's another problem in this equation that Rafi is completely unaware of. David also happens to be Lisa's only son and as Rafi shares intimate details of her relationship (including their insatiable sexual craving for one another) with Lisa, her therapist struggles to disassociate the fact that it's her son Rafi talks about.

"Prime" comes across as a film that just 'is'. It's not trying too hard to be clever, not trying too hard to prove itself as a film that's above the others, but rather, it lets you sit back and consider the ups and down of a relationship; the differences in age, the uncertainty of giving the most of yourself, and mostly, the exhilaration of being in love in spite of everything.

Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep need no extra introduction as these two woman has proven themselves as more than capable actresses on-screen. It's a great joy to see Streep kicking back and taking a much light-hearted role than her usual dramatic fare. She excels as the therapist trying valiantly to separate her professional world and her personal life that has come crashing together so abruptly.

Thurman as Rafi is also a plus point. She's beautiful too look at and at the same time amazingly vulnerable. A woman who, for once, wants to dive into life without inhibitions and yet worries about clutching life's responsibilities as well. She makes it easy for us to relate with the emotions she goes through; her insecurities about being with a man much younger than her and her happiness at finally having found someone who appreciates her,

"Prime" has a very interesting storyline, a little far-fetched of course, but not entirely impossible. The rest of the cast brought the story out marvellously with Bryan Greenberg looking to be the next big thing. The good-looking lad who plays David is a little overshadowed by his two very famous female co-stars, but Greenberg certainly has presence and the ladies will love his innocent smile. (Now, if only a guy like David existed in my realm of existence... *sigh*)

This movie isn't going to be a cult classic or anything like that in the near future, but it wins a lot of points in its sweetness. Once the movie is done, you'll smile the bittersweet smile that David and Rafi smile at one another. It's the smile that tells you that loving someone is not wrong and that in spite of it all, life doesn't have to be a fairytale script to be good. What makes life worthwhile is that smile of a person who know it's okay to love, learn, and move on.

Cinema Online, 23 September 2008
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