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Honeymooning couple Cliff (Steve Zahn) and Cydney (Milla Jovovich) is hiking an eleven-mile trail in Hawaii when they cross paths will ex-military man Nick (Timothy Olyphant), who earns their trust by helping them navigate a particularly treacherous mountain cliff. The trio runs into a group of girls whose parents are begging them to return home following reports that a couple has been murdered on one of the other islands. The suspects in the killings are a young white couple, and when Cliff and Cydney meet Nick`s free-spirited girlfriend Gina (Kiele Sanchez), tension starts to rise. The further the foursome walk together, the more delicate the balance of trust and suspicion becomes.

Language: English
Subtitle: NA
Classification: NC16
Release Date: 10 Dec 2009
Genre: Thriller / Drama / Mystery
Running Time: 1 Hour 38 Minutes
Distributor: Cathay-Keris Films
Cast: Steve Zahn, Ray Winstone, Milla Jovovich, Kiele Sanchez, Chris Hemsworth
Director: David Twohy
Format: 35MM


Writer: Nur Safina Othman

Writer Ratings:

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Couples all around the world want an amazing honeymoon and unfortunately for the newlyweds in "A Perfect Getaway", they are the perfect example for a honeymoon gone wrong. Cliff (Steve Zahn) and Cydney (Milla Jovovich) go on a holiday to the beautiful island of Hawaii. They decide on a two-day backpacking hike to the most stunning and remote beaches on the island. On the way, they meet two other couples, Kale and Cleo and later Nick (Timothy Olyphant) and Gina (Kiela Sanchez). Almost convinced Kale and Cleo are the wanted murderers in a series of gruesome killings on the island, Cliff decides to pair up Nick and Gina. But as Cliff and Cydney move deeper into the rugged terrain they begin to ponder if they've made the right move to trust Nick and Gina who are beginning to look a little suspicious. Far from rescue, it appears that Cliff and Cydney's honeymoon is turning out to be a nightmare.

The movie plays heavily around with the guessing game, making you ponder on who is or are these mysterious killers. Directed and written by David Twohy, the story is tragically typical and the only juicy action bits were kept at the last half an hour of the movie, where the ending turned out to be unexpected. There are a few thrilling scenes that will make you hold on tight something, even if means the total stranger beside you. Aside from that, Twohy could've developed certain interesting scenes a lot better, instead of keeping most of the action to the last minute.

Steve Zahn and "Resident Evil" star Milla Jovovich were sadly not convincing as a newlywed couple. They didn't manage to do justice to their characters as their acting was pretty stiff throughout the movie. On the other hand, Timothy Olyphant dan Kiela Sanchez had a good chemistry with each other, playing the thrill-seeking couple. This reviewer felt that Olyphant stole the show with his performance.

What was fascinating about the movie was the breathtaking scenic locations on the island of Hawaii. It gives you a tour around the island, making it seems as if the movie may also work as a "Come Visit Hawaii" promo advertisement!

Overall, this film might appeal to action film fanatics and also if you're smitten with Milla Jovovich.

Cinema Online, 18 September 2009
Effective 15 July 2011
G - Suitable for all ages
PG - Suitable for all ages, but parents should provide guidance to their young
PG13 - Suitable for persons aged 13 and above, but parental guidance is advised for children below 13
NC16 - Suitable for persons aged 16 years and above
M18 - Suitable for persons aged 18 years and above
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