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2 Alam

"2 Alam" is about a transsexual named Amy, previously known as Adam bin Zainal, who commits suicide and whose body is brought back to his village for burial. While prepping his body for burial according to Islamic customs, strange incidents begin to arise.

Genre: Drama / Horror
Running Time: NA
Cast: Aaron Aziz, Suhaillah Salam, Faizal Hussein, Adrea Abdullah
Director: Ed Zarith, Hairie Othman


Writer: Ezekiel Lee Zhiang Yang

Writer Ratings:

Watch this if you liked: “… Dalam Botol”, “Jalang”, “Maut”

Should anyone be thinking of giving this a go, based on the incredible hype that surrounds its producer, Kedahan MLM entrepreneur Che Rozmey Che Din, the simplest recommendation this writer could offer would be to just buy the soundtrack.

Why? Well, it's essentially an 86-minute music video of two songs by Amy Search and Ramli Sarip! The tracks are actually quite decent but the movie proper is such an outrageous insult to Malaysian cinema that the more we talk about it, the more embarrassing this review gets. Roundly rubbished by the Malaysian press at the 23rd Malaysian Film Festival at e@Curve where it first premiered, "2 Alam" is a pointless attempt at didactic moral values in a drama, plagued with poor production values together with a story and script that can be written only by that man Imran Ismail (he was behind the ridiculous 2009 catastrophe "Jalang").

"2 Alam" probably shot itself in the foot when its producer boasted a target gross of RM 40 million at the Malaysian box office through self-paid ads in the papers, and then engaged in a futile standoff with the unforgiving Malaysian pressmen. With such substandard content, it is truly a wonder how this movie about the mysterious problems in burying a transsexual could even attempt such a feat through proper means. Bad acting, intrusive music and very poor lines are the first things one would notice about the film 15 minutes in. Truly a black mark on the acting CVs of Faizal Hussein, Aaron Aziz and even veteran Kuswadinata, "2 Alam" is a regrettable effort that fails to showcase a credible, entertaining story at every front.

The less said about this movie, the better.

Cinema Online, 03 November 2010
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