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Khatta Meetha

Struggling road construction contractor, Sachin Tichkule (Akshay Kumar) is doomed to dream big. There is no chance that his dreams will ever come true, simply because he has no money to bribe! To make matters worse, the new municipal commissioner turns out to be his ex girl friend (Trisha Krishnan) who now hates him. The film reveals in a light hearted way, the extent of corruption and bribery rampant in the system, and the ingenious means you have to adopt if you want to survive.

Language: Hindi
Subtitle: NA
Classification: G
Release Date: 23 Jul 2010
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Running Time: NA
Distributor: NETWORK2009(s) PTE LTD
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Trisha Krishnan, Urvashi Sharma, Manoj Joshi
Director: Priyadarshan
Format: NA


Writer: Janak

Writer Ratings:

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Based on the same name taken from Basu Chatterjee's 1978 film "Kattha Meetha" (Sour Sweet) and plot remake of 1988 Tamil film "Vellanakalude Naadu", it tells the story of Sachin Tichkule (Akshay Kumar), a struggling road construction contractor who must adapt to the corruption system to earn his money. The film also narrates how corruption and bribery takes place literally.

Akshay Kumar sheds off his macho image and transforms as his character holds a pouch, files and umbrella, a very common look for any contractor in India. Tamil actress Trisha Krishnan makes her debut in Bollywood and joins in with the repeated casts from director Priyadarshan's previous films.

As the film is a remake, many would have recalled scenes from the 1989 Tamil version. Sadly, the plot is quite weak and does not elaborate much, causing many talents in the film to go waste, but then again, one should never have high expectations for Priyadarshan's films. The first half is quite entertaining as there were some continuous laughing sequences, but as second half approaches with some messy songs, the plot just stands still.

Another disappointment would be for music director Pritam as the organisation of songs are not well in place with the scenes, making the songs feel unnecessary at times. However Kunal Ganjawala, a well known singer in early 2000, makes a return and sang most of the songs.

One thing in common for Priyadarshan movies is that he never fails to repeat his supporting actors namely Rajpal Yadav, Makrand Deshpande and Asrani. Here, the sole presence missing would be Paresh Rawal, who is replaced by fellow comedian Johnny Lever. The reviewer feels that these are the actors who actually bring the side characters to life as they are quite humorous and are able to keep audiences entertained from time to time.

Overall, "Kattha Meetha" is more sour than sweet. It has some funny moments but other than that, it falls flat for its plot, lead actors and forgettable songs. If you want to have a good time laughing, this reviewer suggests watching "Hera Pheri" or "Phir Hera Pheri" instead.

Cinema Online, 25 July 2010
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PG - Suitable for all ages, but parents should provide guidance to their young
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