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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

"Transformers: Dark of the Moon" features Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) taking his first step into adulthood while remaining a reluctant human ally of Optimus Prime. The film centres on the space race between the U.S.S.R. and the USA, suggesting there is a hidden Transformers weapon that remains one of the planet`s most dangerous secrets. As both Autobots and Decepticons learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft which is hidden in the Moon, both race against each other to reach it and learn its secrets, which could turn the tide in the Transformers` final battle.

Language: English
Subtitle: NA
Classification: PG
Release Date: 29 Jun 2011
Genre: Action / Adventure / Science Fiction
Running Time: 2 Hours 32 Minutes
Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson, Josh Duhamel, John Malkovich, Patrick Dempsey, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, John Turturro, Ken Jeong
Director: Michael Bay
Format: NA


Writer: Naseem Randhawa

Writer Ratings:

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Never since the advent of Michael Bay's last "Transformers" movie has there been a movie quite as exhilarating as this. The supposed final movie of the extra-terrestrial robot blockbuster, promises everything one would expect of the latest installment and more. From sleek cars, slow motion transforming robots caught in mid-air, highly fuelled metal-to-metal destruction, to Witwicky's latest hot babe, the movie is far from disappointing even in the slightest bit.

As some would prefer to opt out of wearing the 3D glasses for the movie, and want something more than a standard release, the 2D version offers a more brighter, crisp and smoother experience. Although the 2D version proves to be not much different than the standard release, audiences are strongly suggested to watch the film in 3D as how director Micheal Bay intended the movie to be shown.

The plot of the third movie follows Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf), three months fresh out of college who now lives with his new girlfriend (played by English model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) in a Chicago apartment as he miserably attends one interview after the other to land a job. Meanwhile, the earth bounded Autobots team-up with the American Intelligence to curb various terrorism attacks around the world, as they hunt for the evil Megatron and his Decepticon minions, who have gone into hiding for a plan of their own that may just destroy the very existence of mankind.

As if the plot isn't 'goosebump-inducing' enough, then wait until you watch the movie that is heavily precise and detailed down to the very last bolt. During the battle scenes that are quite impressively done (especially at parts where the robots are caught in mid-air in slow motion), audiences will definitely notice and appreciate the quality of effects that are so meticulously planned out by Bay this time around.

The returning cast are as just as how their roles were in the last "Transformers" movie. Shia LaBeouf's a screaming goofball, the parents (played by Kevin Dunn and Julie White) are just as embarrassingly funny, and Josh Duhamel with Tyrese Gibson are just as macho military man now, as they were then. Leonard Nimoy aka Spock, who just happens to be director Michael Bay's relative, plays one of the key roles in the movie as the original leader of the Autobots, Sentinel Prime.

The addition of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as the replacement of the 'Transformers-hot-chick' role previously held by Megan Fox (until she got fired), did a good job on screen as probably how Megan Fox would've done if she was still in the movie, proving that the 'hot chick' pull factor in the movie isn't really that important to the franchise as one would think. However, do watch out for the subtle reference made to Megan Fox, which is worth a hoot and a half at least!

The only downer from the whole watching experience would not be the movie itself, but the external factor of it. The soundtrack of the franchise which was always lead by the American band Linkin Park, did a pretty decent job providing the first two movies with singles like "What I've Done", and "The New Divide", but for the final movie, the band falls short with "Iridescent", a slow mournful tune that just doesn't sit well with the movie.

Whether or not one is a "Transformers" fan, the effects of the movie alone is a watch for what will definitely be the biggest blockbuster of the year!

Cinema Online, 28 June 2011
Effective 15 July 2011
G - Suitable for all ages
PG - Suitable for all ages, but parents should provide guidance to their young
PG13 - Suitable for persons aged 13 and above, but parental guidance is advised for children below 13
NC16 - Suitable for persons aged 16 years and above
M18 - Suitable for persons aged 18 years and above
R21 - Restricted to persons aged 21 and above only
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