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"Drive" is the story of a Hollywood stunt driver (Ryan Gosling), a loner by nature, who moonlights as a top-notch getaway driver-for-hire in the criminal underworld. He finds himself a target for some of LA`s most dangerous men after agreeing to aid the husband of his beautiful neighbour, Irene (Carey Mulligan). When the job goes dangerously awry, the only way he can keep Irene and her son alive is to do what he does best - drive!

Language: English
Subtitle: NA
Classification: M18
Release Date: 3 Nov 2011
Genre: Action / Drama
Running Time: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Cast: Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Christina Hendricks, Bryan Cranston, Oscar Isaac, Ron Perlman
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Format: NA


Writer: Dhivashini

Writer Ratings:

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Danish-born filmmaker, Nicolas Winding Refn, known for the "Pusher" franchise directs this semi-noir, crime thriller film adapted from James Sallis's 2005 novel of the same name. With the help of big names like Ryan Gosling (Driver), Carrey Mulligan (Irene) and Albert Brooks (Bernie), they brilliantly bring his vision to the big screen. The movie may seem like it is lacking in a solid plot, but it ultimately revolves around Driver and how romance can lead a man to do crazy things. Ryan Gosling does a stellar job proving that Canadians have their very own Steve McQueen.

"Drive" can be easily said to be inspired by classics like "The Driver" (1978) but Refn puts a modern twist to the conventional storyline of a heist-gone-bad. The movie starts off with Ryan Gosling's character known as Driver being part of a heist. Audiences will come to see that he is an adrenaline junkie, as part of heists seems to be for the thrill going for the stunt driving in movies. His calm exterior on the other hand, is ironically deflected through his mad driving skills. He meets Irene in his building and the story slowly takes flight from that point.

Timing is everything, and this movie provides the right amount of rush exactly where it needs to be. The inevitable chemistry between Carrey Mulligan and Ryan Gosling comes off strongly on screen, and they are a great delight to watch. Their awkward silences give you warmth and Refn does a brilliant job justifying the Driver's actions through his feelings for Irene. Refn's exquisite taste for violence is also shown and there's a subdued amount of bloodshed. The film also has its flair for the artistic side as it can be seen in the choices of songs that accompany the defining moments between Driver and Irene.

The plot somewhat lacks in depth but it is Ryan Gosling's performance that keeps you glued to your seat until the end. His old school intensity and calmness in his blood stained silk jacket, makes this one of his most memorable performances. The movie also gives watchable performances by Ron Perlman (Nino) and Bryan Cranston (Shannon) to complete the movie cast.

The movie moves at a slow pace but the timing of events throughout the movie grinds the film's gears. "Drive" is definitely a must watch as audiences will appreciate Refn's attention to the finer details to produce a beautifully crafted action film.

Cinema Online, 14 September 2011
Effective 15 July 2011
G - Suitable for all ages
PG - Suitable for all ages, but parents should provide guidance to their young
PG13 - Suitable for persons aged 13 and above, but parental guidance is advised for children below 13
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