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The Equalizer

A veteran covert operative who, seeking redemption for his dark deeds, quits an unnamed CIA-like agency often referred to simply as "The Agency" or "The Company" and puts a classified advertisement in the paper that reads simply: "Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer." This mysterious man is Robert McCall, and his services are free of charge, ranging from being a troubleshooter (often literally), a protector, and an investigator.

Language: English
Subtitle: NA
Classification: M18
Release Date: 25 Sep 2014
Genre: Thriller
Running Time: 2 Hours 12 Minutes
Cast: Denzel Washington, Chloë Grace Moretz, Marton Csokas
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Format: 2D, IMAX, 2D D-BOX


Writer: Cinnamon Lion

Writer Ratings:

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The Good, the Bad and the Equalizer:

• The plot was as believable as any action movie, though there are moments when they are really a stretch, making audience not easily accept the fact that the toughest killers were easily exterminated by a near-senile man.

• Denzel Washington does a good job playing a role he is more than familiar with and co-star Chloë Grace Moretz undeniably has the chops to pull off her role as Teri, the young prostitute under the control of a Russian gang.

• Director of photography Mauro Fiore did a good job with the cinematography, giving the film a rough-edged yet still sophisticated beauty.


• Chloë Grace Moretz impressed the director so much that the role Teri, originally written for an older actress, was made younger to fit her.

Cinema Online, 30 September 2014
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