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Hello Babies

A Chinese New Year film about two married couples of different ages and backgrounds and how they deal with issues relating to reproduction in a hilarious and heartwarming manner. One couple decides not to have children in order to maintain their peaceful lifestyle, while another are still trying for a baby after many years of marriage. When one of the couple`s wealthy uncle is diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer`s disease, their lives are forever changed as his nephew can only inherit his vast fortune on the condition that he has children.

Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: English / Chinese
Classification: PG13
Release Date: 30 Jan 2014
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Running Time: 1 Hour 34 Minutes
Cast: Raymond Wong, Eric Tsang, Sandra Ng, Alex Fong Chung-Sun, Raymond Lam Fung, Karena Lam
Director: Vincent Kok
Format: 2D


Writer: Casey Chong

Writer Ratings:

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Over the past few years, Chinese New Year comedies in Hong Kong is always about Raymond Wong and Eric Tsang "battling" against each other to see which movie they made emerge as box office champion (e.g. 2013's "Hotel Deluxe" vs. "I Love Hong Kong 2013"). Instead of rivalling again in 2014, they collaborate together for a baby-themed Chinese New Year comedy called "Hello Babies".

The story in "Hello Babies" goes like this: For years, wealthy Malaysian businessman Lui Ming (Raymond Wong) and his old nemesis Yeung Wai (Eric Tsang) have been fighting for everything. When Lui discovers that Yeung is going to have a grandson from his son Alex (Alex Lam) and daughter-in-law Shan (Karena Ng), Lui immediately forced his grandnephew couple Scallop (Ronald Cheng) and Cher (Fiona Sit) to produce baby as soon as possible or he will revoke all their financial expenses. To ensure everything goes smoothly, Lui hires a "superstar" midwife Gong San (Sandra Ng) to supervise Scallop and Cher for the whole process. Naturally, a series of comical moments ensues.

While the collaboration between screen veterans Raymond Wong and Eric Tsang sounds like a good idea, the end result in "Hello Babies" isn't much different than your average Chinese New Year movie that have been released many times in recent years. Not surprisingly, most of the jokes feel either threadbare (e.g. the farting sequence!) or recycled from previous like-minded comedies. Even the script, written by Vincent Kok, Anselm Chan, Poon Jun-Lam and Cheung Wai-Kei, is formulaic.

Vincent Kok's direction is mostly mediocre but there are times where "Hello Babies" manages to inject a fair share of hilarious moments. Among them is the rib-tickling sequence involving Scallop, Cher and a yoga instructor (Jan Lamb) performing suggestive sexual positions-like yoga exercises. And the other one involves an elaborate role-playing sequence in the hospital that you just have to see it for yourself.
As for the acting ensemble, they do whatever they can to milk every laugh possible. While some of them tries too hard to be funny or even goes overboard to the point of annoyance, their overall playful performances - especially Ronald Cheng, Fiona Sit and Sandra Ng - are reasonably satisfying.

Although "Hello Babies" doesn't bring anything new or special to this well-worn genre, the movie remains fairly worthwhile for a few good laughs this Chinese New Year. Lastly, do watch out for a few cameo appearances as well as "spot-the-movie-parody" moments throughout the movie.

Cinema Online, 24 January 2014
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