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Rookie cop Lt. Judy Hopps becomes the first rabbit to join the police force at Zootopia, an animal city divided into 4 different neighbourhoods: Tundratown, Sahara Square, Little Rodenta, and Burrowborough. She and fast-talking con artist fox Nick Wilde do not see eye to eye. But when she has to solve a mysterious case, she will need to team up with Nick and uncover the conspiracy. They eventually realise that even natural enemies can become the best of friends.

Language: English
Subtitle: NA
Classification: PG
Release Date: 25 Feb 2016
Genre: Action / Animation / Comedy
Running Time: 1 Hour 49 Minutes
Cast: Jason Bateman, Ginnifer Goodwin, Shakira, Idris Elba, J.K. Simmons, Octavia Spencer, Bonnie Hunt
Director: Byron Howard, Rich Moore
Format: 2D, 3D, IMAX 3D, 2D D-BOX

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Writer: Cinnamon Lion

Writer Ratings:

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The Good, the Bad and the Urban Jungle:

• Nothing less than perfect can we expect from Disney as the studio has once again released an extraordinarily amazing and inspiring film that tells a heartfelt story, while intelligently covering some delicate themes.

• The visual of the film is simply breath-taking with tons of great details focusing on both the forefront and the background.

• In the past recent years, Disney has perfectly incorporated amazing action in its movies, and this one is no different.

• The film is funny, cute, thrilling, and can also be dark and scary at times, but not too overwhelming as it is a family friendly movie.

• Even though this is obviously a children's movie, there are a lot of smart pop and modern culture references that only adults will get. But, nevertheless, it is a fun movie that can be enjoyed by all ages.


• Alan Tudyk voiced Duke Weaseltown in the film. He also voiced the Duke of Wesleton, who is often mispronounced as Weasel Town, in "Frozen".

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NC16 - Suitable for persons aged 16 years and above
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