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Battle Of The Sexes

One of the most watched televised sports events of all time, the 1973 tennis match witnesses the clash between top ranking female tennis player Billie Jean King and former men`s champion Bobby Riggs. While both are rivals in the public eyes, off-court each is dealing with a more personal struggle with King having a hard time coming to terms with her sexuality and Riggs having to deal with his gambling addiction.

Language: English
Subtitle: Chinese
Classification: M18
Release Date: 23 Nov 2017
Genre: Biography / Comedy / Sports
Running Time: 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Cast: Emma Stone, Steve Carell, Sarah Silverman, Bill Pullman, Alan Cumming, Elisabeth Shue, Austin Stowell
Director: Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris
Format: 2D

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Writer: Cinnamon Lion

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The Good, the Bad and the Gender Rivalry:

• Based on one of the most important tennis matches and sporting events ever for women's sports, the movie is rather modern despite being set in the 70s.

• Though it is unsure how close the movie is to the source material, it is a rather neat interpretation of the events with worthy performances.

• The docudrama doesn't really focus on the game, but more on the events that led up to the game, and the underlying messages of feminism and equal rights.

• Emma Stone and Steve Carell embody their roles completely, and hat's off to Sarah Silverman too, who gives a sturdy supporting performance in her serious role.

• The movie doesn't run as smoothly as it should, but is enjoyable enough to be ranked among the better sports films out there.


• In 1973, Billie Jean King was 29 and Bobby Riggs was 55. At the time of filming, Emma Stone was 28 and Steve Carell was 54.

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