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As Mi-Jung struggles to come up with a new horror movie, the aspiring director learns from her friend Jun-Seo about the existence of a mysterious movie that`s supposedly filmed by a ghost. Intrigued, she begins researching it, which leads her to the real director of the movie, Jae-Hyun. Ignoring his warning, she continues doing her research and even begins writing herself into her movie, which follows a director trying to find the truth about the banned film footage that`s shot by a ghost. However, she notices strange things start to happen, blurring the line between her movie and her real life.

Language: Korean
Subtitle: English / Chinese
Classification: NA
Release Date: 29 Aug 2019
Genre: Horror / Mystery
Running Time: 1 Hour 25 Minutes
Distributor: MM2 Entertainment
Cast: Seo Yea-Ji, Jin Seon-Kyu
Director: Kim Jin-Won
Format: 2D

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