Ex MediaCorp actor Chen Wencong dies

Chen Wencong's unexpected passing leaves a gap in Singapore's entertainment scene.

6 Dec – MediaCorp's executive producer Chen Wencong suddenly passed away yesterday afternoon of pneumonia, shocking friends within the industry. He was 42.

Chen Wencong and his wife in happier times.
Chen had made headlines last year when he was diagnosed with leukaemia. He was on the road to recovery after managing to win his battle over the illness and was supposedly recuperating last year.

Unfortunately his condition worsened when he was overcome with an infection due to a weak immune system.

Chen's wife, via communication through actress Apple Hong, stressed that Chen won his battle against leukaemia but 'succumbed to pneumonia due to compromised immunity'.

"He had no regrets and accomplished all that he wanted to. He passed away peacefully with me and (our) family by his side."

Chen is well-loved and respected by his colleagues in MediaCorp, with Hong stating on her microblog that he is her best male friend and Mark Lee thanking him onstage when the actor received the award for 'Best Variety Host Award' at the Star Awards this year for "It's A Small World".

Chen started out his career in MediaCorp in 1993 as an actor after taking part in Star Search, the local talent search programme. He faded out from the television screens after discovering his passion for production, later becoming an executive producer for Chinese Entertainment Productions.

His production work includes "Say It If You Dare", "Food Source" and "It's A Small World".