Tasty movie food with 'special' ingredients

Some families' secret recipes are meant to be kept a secret forever.

As Malaysians, we love our food. If we like something we ate, we'd be sure to take a picture of it, post it up online with hashtags, and tell the whole world exactly where we just ate. Sharing is caring, as they say, and we love to tell everyone where to find good food. But in movies, we should remember that what makes good food is that they most likely have an added 'special' ingredient that it's best not to know if we don't want to ruin our appetites.

If you have or going to taste James Lee's "Claypot Curry Killers" exclusively available at Astro First starting on 10 October, we asked our movie foodie to give us five other recommendations of where we can find food with special ingredients. Caution: Don't read this before lunch!

The Leftovers in "Parents" (1989)


As kids, we were told that it's bad to leave any leftovers, but if you were little Michael Laemle in Bob Balaban's satirical horror comedy "Parents", you probably don't want to finish that choice cut of meat that his parents put on his dinner plate. If the nightmares after dinner doesn't tip you off, then the strange rituals that his parent engage in the middle of the night might just confirm your suspicions of why he is not allowed in the basement, and to think that he has been eating the same kind of meat growing up.

The Blood Buffet in "Blood Diner" (1987)


Thinking about becoming a vegan? Just make sure you are not having your next meal in Jackie Kong's "Blood Diner", which has attracted all the ladies. Little do they know that the Tutman brothers who run the place have been feasting on the flesh of their kidnapped customers, under the orders of their dead uncle's brain kept in a jar. God knows what ghastly rituals they are planning to do with the leftover body parts.

The Pork Buns in "The Eight Immortals Restaurant: The Untold Story" (1993)


The infamous pork buns from The Eight Immortals Restaurant in Danny Lee and Herman Yau's "The Untold Story" are both well known for its taste and its main ingredient. It started out when a murderer escapes from Hong Kong to Macau and takes over a restaurant there after an unfortunate game of Mahjong. This Category 3 rated movie can be hard to stomach for the amount of violence and mutilation being shown, and you would just loss your cravings for pork buns for a while after you watched the ignorant customers gobble them down like it's the next best thing since toast.

The Meat Pies in "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street" (2007)


Who would have thought that the best meat supplier for Mrs. Lovett's meat pies would come from the barber who opened shop upstairs in Tim Burton's musical adaptation of "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street". Not only does Todd get to practice his cutthroat skills before he gets his revenge on the corrupted judge who ruined his life, but the ingenious mechanism that he uses to deliver the bodies downstairs is a windfall for Mrs. Lovett, who uses them to revive her dying meat pies business. Truly the only thing more dreadful than the singing in this musical is probably how we are endorsing such a perfect partnership of death and delicacies.

The Dumplings in "Dumplings" (2004)


Fruit Chan's Category 3 rated "Dumplings" is an extended version of her segment in the "Extreme 3" anthology. Not only do the dumplings prepared here have a defining taste, but it is also the perfect skincare product that helps women to grow younger and increase other urges. If the revelation that its main ingredients can only be obtained from abortion clinics doesn't churn your stomach, it is the obsessive extend that the former actress Mrs. Lee would go to sustain her foul beauty that would leave you numb when you see your next dumpling.