The Best Movies of 2014

The best of the best in 2014.

The end of the year is near, it is that time once again for us to rate which of the year's movies had delivered exactly what they promise – a powerpacked storyline with an ensemble of talent-filled cast that provides the best theatrical experience for any audience.

However, we did not come up with these results just on our own. We asked for a little help from you readers and through several polls, have gathered enough intel to present you with this list (all wrapped up neatly and tied with a bow on top, figuratively) of the best movies of this year.

Without further ado, we present to you the Best Movies of 2014:

Best Action Movie 2014

The Best Action Movie 2014 poll result.

Nothing says action more than a bunch of alien bots fighting for supremacy on earth. Right? According to our readers –yes!

"Transformers: Age of Extinction", starring Mark Wahlberg, garnered 478 out of 1547 votes to emerge as the Best Action Movie of 2014. It beat the likes of "Edge of Tomorrow" (377) and "Lucy" (306).

The fourth Michael Bay-directed "Transformers", released on 26 June in Malaysia cinemas, has collected over USD13 million domestically, USD8.5 million in Singapore and made over USD1 billion worldwide; the first movie to hit the billion mark this year.

Also, Wahlberg is set to return for another "Transformers" movie, let's see if that will be the Best Action Movie of 2015 / 2016.





Best Animation Movie 2014

The Best Animation Movie 2014 poll result.

"Big Hero 6" wins big again. The animated movie about a group of university students turned super heroes – including Baymax, their adorable marshmallow-like 'personal healthcare companion' – received the highest votes in this poll, 648 in total, out of 1540.

"How To Train Your Dragon 2" receives 379 while "Penguins of Madagascar" utilises its cuteness to earn 248 votes. It's no surprise that "Big Hero 6" has won the hearts of many as it is a perfect balance of comedy, action and touching moments; perfect for viewers of all ages.

It has so far collected USD1.6 million in Malaysia, USD1.18 million in Singapore and made USD272 million worldwide.






Best Comedy Movie 2014

The Best Comedy Movie 2014 poll result.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill return in the sequel to 2012's "21 Jump Street", and these goofballs have successfully made "22 Jump Street" the best comedy movie of the year, earning 167 votes out of 485.

The duo knocks over competition such as "A Million Ways to Die in the West" (93) and "Bad Neighbours" (85).

Since its release on 17 July, it has made USD781 thousand in Malaysia, USD883 thousand in Singapore and made a total gross of more than USD331 million worldwide. Tatum and Hill will be reprising their Greg Jenko and Morton Schmidt roles in threequel, "23 Jumpstreet" next.






Best Fantasy Movie 2014

The Best Fantasy / Epic Movie 2014 poll result.

Angelina Jolie was magnificent in her portrayal as the titular fairy in "Maleficent", which no doubt propelled the movie to the top spot on the poll. It earns 419 out of 928 votes, making it the best fantasy movie this year.

Trailing in its magic dust are "Dracula Untold" and "300: Rise of An Empire", both taking home 142 votes each, despite the former having sparked some issues in the religious community.

"Maleficent", the story of The Sleeping Beauty as seen from the point of view of the villain (who is really not the bad guy here), opened on 29 May in Malaysia and has since made USD6 million locally and USD3.7 million in Singapore. Worldwide, it collected USD757 million.




Best Horror Movie 2014

The Best Horror Movie 2014 poll result.

"Annabelle" scares the living daylight out of the other movies on this poll, garnering 200 of the 518 votes cast for this category. Cowering behind the movie about a possessed doll are "Ouija", with its 104 votes, and "Deliver Us From Evil" with 67 votes.

The doll that appeared in last year's "The Conjuring" was deemed so terrifying that it deserves its own movie, hence this spin-off that concentrates solely on the origin story of the doll named Annabelle.

It opened on 3 October in Malaysia, collecting a total of USD5 million and managed to collect USD2.26 million in Singapore. It scared up a total gross of USD252 million worldwide.






Best Romance Movie 2014

The Best Romance Movie 2014 poll result.

No fault here, "The Fault In Our Stars" definitely shines the brightest in the Best Romance category. Shailene Woodley's and Ansel Elgort's performances as two teens in love as cancer surrounds them has wooed the audience; earning it 283 out of the 736 votes.

It wins over "Love, Rosie" (180) and the Bollywood remake of Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise's "Knight and Day", "Bang Bang!" (103).

It released in Malaysian cinemas on 17 July and made USD3 million while in Singapore it made USD1.6 million, which contributed to its worldwide gross of USD304 million.







Best Sci-Fi Movie 2014

The Best Sci-Fi Movie 2014 poll result.

Christopher Nolan has done it again. Though less confusing than his 2010 mindbender "Inception", "Interstellar" is no less interesting – and powerful. Even though it was only recently released, it manages to top the poll with 580 votes out of 1681. "Maze Runner" follows closely behind with 418 votes and "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" gets 305 votes.

The story of intergalactic and time travel features some of Hollywood's biggest names such as Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain.

It travelled into Malaysian cinemas on 6 November and has grossed over USD1 million domestically and USD2.34 million in Singapore to date. Worldwide, it has thus far collected a total gross of USD635million.





Best Superhero Movie 2014

The Best Superhero Movie 2014 poll result.

Marvel's success was out of this world with "Guardians of the Galaxy". It manages to topple stiff competition from other strong contenders such as "Captain America 2", which trails closely behind with 281 votes, and "X-Men: Days of Future Past" with its 265 votes.

No surprise as "Guardians" has collected over USD722 million worldwide to date. Released on 31 July in Malaysia, it has gone on to collect more than USD5 million and in Singapore a total of USD4.72 million.

A talking raccoon and a dancing baby tree really add the charm to this movie that makes it the best of any superhero movie of 2014.

Note: Only movies released from January 2014 up to November 2014 have been polled for this article for fair tabulation of voting results. Box office collection figures derived from BoxOfficeMojo.com.

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