Mutants of "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

Past Meets Future in "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

With "X-Men: Days of Future Past", 20th Century Fox is trying to build a new shared cinematic universe by uniting the first "X-Men" trilogy with the restarted timeline of "X-Men: First Class". Comic book fans may be familiar with the story arc of "Days of Future Past" from the issues of the "Uncanny X-Men" published in 1981, and it certainly seems like a clever method to finally justify a new wave of "X-Men" movies in an age of franchises built by interconnected plotlines and previous installments.

Aside from being the catalyst to bridge the characters from both the original "X-Men" trilogy and "First Class", the setting of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" will also be introducing new mutants into the cinematic canon, or re-introducing old characters in figuratively new skins.

So if you are not an avid comic book fan who is already riled up to see what is installed in "X-Men: Days of Future Past" or need a little refresher on who is who (rather than remembering them as the ice guy, or flying Halle Berry), here's our quick guide to the mutants that will be in "X-Men: Days of Future Past".

Professor X

Powers: Telepathy

Charles Xavier is founder of the X-Men and the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, where he teaches mutants to control their powers for his ideal of creating a peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants. In the future of "Days of Future Past" when mutants are hunted to the brink of extinction, the future Xavier (played by Patrick Stewart) will send the consciousness of Wolverine into the past to find his past self (James McAvoy) so he could re-align Xavier's past self to get back on the right path for a peaceful co-existence before it's too late.


Powers: Magnetism

The master of magnetism, also known as Erik Lehnsherr, is the sworn enemy of Professor X after their star-crossed falling out in the events of "X-Men: First Class". After which he formed the Brotherhood of Mutants and gathered other like-minded mutants who believed that the only way to ensure the survival of the mutant race is the extermination of normal humans. When mutants are the ones that are nearly exterminated in the future, Magneto finally agrees to lay down his arms against Xavier and work together with him to ensure the survival of their species.


Powers: Fast Healing, Retractable Claws, Adamantium Skeleton

Logan (Hugh Jackman), or better known as the Wolverine, would be the bridge that will connect both the characters from the "X-Men" trilogy with those in "First Class" when his consciousness is sent back in time, to ensure that both the younger Xavier and Erik are united against a common enemy. Curiously enough, Wolverine is seen to be bearing his Adamantium claws in the future of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and has bone claws in the past. This has led some to believe that the events in the recent "The Wolverine" did not happen on this particular timeline and the events in the past was sometime before he was interred into the "Weapon X" programme in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine".


Powers: Weather Control

Halle Berry will reprise her role as the storm-calling Storm from the first "X-Men" trilogy and would presumably only been seen in the future portions of the movie. If fans of her character are expecting to see her call down lightning and thunder in "Days of Future Past", they may be disappointed to hear that she had refrained herself from doing much flight or action sequences due to her current pregnancy.

Kitty Pryde

Powers: Phasing Through Solid Objects

Also known as Shadowcat in the comics, Kitty Pryde was also the original character that was sent back in time in the comics from which "Days of Future Past" is adapted from. In the movie though, Kitty will still play a pivotal part in sending Wolverine's consciousness back into the past through her mutant ability. Ellen Page will reprise the role of Kitty since her last appearance in "X-Men: The Last Stand".


Powers: Ice Manipulation

Bobby Drake, or better known as Iceman, has the power to create ice from any form of moisture. A mainstay of the X-Men team in the original trilogy, Iceman is expected to be seen being very slick with his powers (including his trademark Ice Slide) when battling the Sentinels from the future of "X-Men: Days of Future Past". Shawn Ashmore will reprise his mutant role and it would be interesting to see how his romance between Rogue and Kitty has developed in between the years of "The Last Stand" and "Days of Future Past".


Powers: Metallic Skin, Super Strength

Able to encase himself with a steel-like skin that is impervious to many attacks, Peter Rasputin or simply known as the Colossus has been a strong defender of the mutant species in the days of pending doom in "Days of Future Past". Although fans may not be seeing a past self of him since only Daniel Cudmore has been confirmed to appear in "Days of Future Past", but there is hope to see one Fastball Special before Wolverine goes time-hopping.


Powers: Energy Absorption, Kinetic Blast

The first mutant on this list to be making a first appearance in "Days of Future Past", who will be played by French actor Omar Sy ("Untouchables", "Mood Indigo"). Lucas Bishop, or Bishop for short, has the power to absorb any form of energy and redirect them into a kinetic blast. In the comics, he does this by emanating the blast through his hands, but in sneak peeks of the movie, this could only be done through a specially designed firearm. Fans of the "X-Men" animated series may also remember that it was Bishop who was sent through time in a similar story arc to stop the dystopian future of "Days in Future Past" from happening.


Powers: Invulnerability, Super Strength, Heighten Senses, Flight

James Proudstar or better known as Warpath is a Native American mutant who has the all-rounded powers of being tough, strong, fast and able to fly. Although Warpath makes his first onscreen appearance in "Days of Future Past", his name was seen in the database of mutants in "X2: X-Men United". Appearing with his iconic eye mask (or warpaint) and his signature knives, Warpath would be played by Booboo Stewart who, curiously enough, has some Native American blood in him, mixed with Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Scottish.


Powers: Teleportation

Blink has the power of teleportation by creating portals that allow her and other mutants to pass through. A relatively new and short-lived character in the comics, Blink would be played by Chinese actress Fan Bingbing who becomes a little unrecognisable with the green eyes and face markings. Strangely, her character would have no lines in the film at all.


Powers: Solar Channeling

Roberto DaCosta, or better known as Sunspot, can absorb solar energy and channel it for super strength, flight or causing an infrared radiation. In the comics when Sunspot absorbs energy, his form changes as though he has a blackhole, but sneak peeks of "Days of Future Past" have not shown that the look had survived its cinematic cut. Sunspot will be played by Mexican actor Adan Canto, from the "Mixology" and "The Following" TV series.


Powers: Life Energy and Power Absorption

A prominent character from the "X-Men" trilogy, Marie D'Ancanto or Rogue is a mutant with the power to absorb the powers and life energy of other humans, including mutants. Although actress Anna Paquin has been reported to be reprising her role for "Days of Future Past", there was some doubt that her character will be actually seen in the movie, when director Bryan Singer had said that her scenes had been cut for the theatrical release. However, we can now confirm that Rouge will indeed appear, so look out for her brief time on screen.


Powers: Superior Dexterity and Strength

Although transformed into his beastly blue form from a failed experiment to cure himself of his mutation, Hank McCoy, who also goes by the name Beast, is still a bright scientist and intellectual. Although Beast is one of the few characters in "Days of Future Past" to appear in both past and present, the bulk of the character's appearance will be in the past with Nicholas Hoult reprising the role from "First Class".


Powers: Shape Shifting

Once an ally of Xavier in "First Class" in the forming of the X-Men, the shapeshifter Raven Darkholme assumed the name of Mystique when she decided to join Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants. Often seen as Magneto's second-in-command from the original trilogy, Mystique is a firm believer that to ensure the survival of the mutant species requires the extermination of the weaker ones. Her whereabouts in the future of "Days of Future Past" is unknown, but she will have a prominent part to play in the past as Academy-winner Jennifer Lawrence reprises her role since "First Class".


Powers: Superhuman Speed

The son of Magneto who is birthed with the power of superhuman speed, Quicksilver made his first screen appearance briefly in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" as one of the imprisoned mutants for William Stryker's experiment, and will notably be making his screen appearance in "Days of Future Past", without his twin sister the Scarlet Witch. Not to be confused with the Quicksilver who will be appearing in "The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron" (together with his twin sister), the teenage Quicksilver in "Days of Future Past" will be played by Evan Peters ("Kick-Ass", and will be in the past portion of the movie.)


Powers: Energy Absorption and Emanation

First introduced onscreen in "First Class" for having the ability to absorb and uncontrollably release energy to devastating effect, Alex Summers or Havok is eventually able to control his powers through a special suit designed by Beast. In the comics, Havok is better known as the brother of Scott Summers or Cyclops, but due to the positioning of Havok in an earlier timeline before the events of the "X-Men" movie trilogy taking place, Havok may actually be Cyclops's father. Lucas Till reprises his role as Havok.


Powers: Superior Leaping, Wall Climbing and Prehensile Tongue

First appeared in the first installment of the "X-Men" trilogy, Mortimer Toynbee, referred to as Toad, makes his return in "Days of Future Past" with newcomer Evan Jonigkeit playing as the younger self. An early member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants, his new froggy characteristics can be seen in the after-credit scene of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2".

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