Movies Not to Miss: July 2015

Which of these are you going to watch?

July may be Raya month, but cinemas this year aren't going to be choked full of local movies. Already on the release schedule are three major blockbusters that are more than enough to keep you occupied for the month, but there is certainly plenty more where they came from. July has turned out to be a good month for those looking for horror, comedy and coming-of-age romances.

So take a look at what's for your selection after breaking fast or to enjoy your Raya holiday for July!

Ted 2

If there is one thing that has defined Seth MacFarlane's involvement in feature films is that him being the voice of a fluffy teddy bear is more popular than seeing him in person. After MacFarlane's second feature "A Million Ways to Die in the West" had a slow death in the box office, he is best on following up with a sequel with the pot-smoking plush toy. "Ted 2" will pick up with Ted's marriage to his girlfriend, but he is not allowed to have a baby until he can prove he is a person in the American civil court. While we would undoubtedly love the Mark Wahlberg and Ted pair, having Amanda Seyfried replacing Mila Kunis as the new female lead would keep us from complaining. If we were delighted by the surprise appearances in "Ted", then this sequel is also bringing in a laughing list of cameos from Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson to John Slattery.

General Release Date: 2 July

Dark Places

Since "Gone Girl", Gillian Flynn's novels have become a new well of thrillers to mine from for its shock value and dark plots. "Dark Places" is her second novel being adapted to the big screen, but her involvement in this adaptation pretty much ends there. While director Gilles Paquet-Brenner is no David Fincher, he does have in his favour a solid cast. Starring Charlize Theron (who has rekindled her fame after "Mad Max: Fury Road") as the sole survivor of a shooting that murdered her mother and sister, she testified against her brother for pulling the trigger on behalf of a satanic cult. She would be confronted by Nicholas Hoult (also last seen in "Fury Road") as a member of amateur crime investigators, who points out that the evidence doesn't add up and she may have put the blame on the wrong person. The impressive cast list doesn't end there too, with Christina Hendricks, Chloe Grace Moretz and Tye Sheridan fitting into the picture, and if Gilliam's first novel is any indication, it's going to be one twisted picture as each piece of the puzzle fits.

General Release Date: 2 July

Marvel's Ant-Man

The Marvel Phase 2 comes to an end, not from the last hurrah of the original Avengers in "Age of Ultron", but from the tiniest superhero to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon. When small-time thief Scott Lang manages to break into the lab of scientist Hank Pym, he is given a chance to redeem himself if he is willing to don on the suit as Ant-Man.

"Ant-Man" will officially be the first superhero to be introduced in the upcoming Phase 3 of Marvel Studios that will be bringing in a new batch of superheroes to our screens in the near future. Initially to be directed by Edgar Wright, Wright was later replaced by Peyton Reed (who last directed "Yes Man"), while the suit would be changing hands from Michael Douglas as Hank Pym to Paul Rudd's Scott Lang. The cast is supported by Evangeline Liliy and Michael Peña and Corey Stoll will be the nemesis in his yellowjacket suit.

General Release Date: 16 July

Ju-On 4: The Final Curse

Since 2002's "Ju-On: The Grudge", the "Ju-On" series has had a long run that lasted up to seven movies as of its latest in 2014. Now that hints of the origins of the white-skinned boy origins have started to emerge in "The Beginning of the End", the franchise is finally ready to wrap up its reign of terror in cinemas. Set after the events when elementary school teacher Yui Shono disappeared after entering into the Saeki household, her sister Mai sets out to find her missing sister and the cause of her disappearance.

As the last installment of this long running series, this is most obviously a must-see for fans who have followed through every movie, and the premise gets even more mysterious when the entire house containing the vengeful spirits is removed entirely. That is one added mystery to solve and perhaps we can finally put our spirits to rest whenever we hear the slow croaking from here on.

General Release Date: 9 July

Paper Towns

The adaptation of author John Green's novel "The Fault In Our Stars" might turn out to be too sappy for those who haven't read his work, but this next adaptation should be able to show that Green is an author who can get into the mind of his young audience and readers. When Quentin "Q" Jacobsen's childhood friend and neighbour, Margo, climbs into his room one night and asks him to accompany on a revenge spree in the middle of the night, Q gladly takes this risky opportunity to reconnect with the girl that has drifted apart from him. The following day, Margo is nowhere to be found and is presumed missing. When Q starts finding clues that are left behind by Margo to find her, Q decides to go on a road-trip to bring her back, as he slowly uncovers more about Margo and himself.

While Josh Boone is not returning to direct this second adaptation, the screenplay is still being adapted by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. As for the direction, that duty has been given to Jack Schreier, who is not a complete unknown for the work he had done with the rather impressive "Robot and Frank", so we know that things are in good hands. Also, changing is the less than star-driven cast that "The Fault in Our Stars" had with its leading starlings, instead Nat Wolff who became our favourite blind would be looking for his lost love, to be played by uprising newcomer Cara Delevingne.

General Release Date: 23 July

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

The year of the spy continues with its next entry for the genre in July. After getting a clever and hilarious poke on the genre from Paul Feig's "Spy", it's time to switch it back to high gear with "Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation". After being formally disavowed by the US government in "Ghost Protocol" but still being able to save the world from a terrorist threat, the IMF are now going to be faced their deadliest mission yet; their survival from a rival organisation whose sole mission is to wipe out the IMF.

Returning to form the IMF is Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, and Ving Rames, with Rebecca Ferguson being the new face who has information for the team. Director Christopher McQuarie will be on the helm this time around, but this is already his second directorial collaboration with Tom Cruise, and he certainly won't be toning down the high risk stunt as evident in the trailer.

General Release Date: 30 July

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