Do you know all these "Angry Birds" characters?

Check out the voices behind the angry birds!

Much unlike the mobile game where it is adapted from, "The Angry Birds Movie" will have a full cast of voiced birds (and pigs) with lines that sound more clever than just the squeals, grunts and war cries that you so often hear when slinging these birds as ammunition.

So before you see these birds get angry, know the voices behind them in "The Angry Birds Movie".

Jason Sudeikis as Red

Teased since he was a hatchling for his bushy eyebrows that give him the nickname, Red has never quite fit in with the rest of the bird community, on top of his deep seated anger issues, of course. For that, he soon lands into court-ordered anger management sessions to help control his anger, until some green pigs show up on Bird Island with dubious intentions.

Red is voiced by Jason Sudeikis who has become a household name in comedy. Bringing in his tone for sarcasm and sympathy, he has done previous voice works for the likes of "Epic" and "The Cleveland Show".

Danny McBride as Bomb

Like a black Incredible Hulk, Bomb, as he is aptly named, doesn't like being upset. Other than surprises, Bomb handles his stress badly, and is a dangerous hazard to be around when you don't know when he is going to spontaneously combust again. For that reason, Bomb is sent to the same anger management sessions as Red to learn how to keep calm.

Voiced by comedian Danny McBride, whose voice should be familiar to those who've heard him in "Kung Fu Panda 2" and "Despicable Me", we know that he will give this gentle giant a heart of gold.

Josh Gad as Chuck

Eccentric, crazy and just outright fast, Chuck has always been a loose cannon among the birds that no one can quite handle. For his hyperactivity and his run-ins with the law (for speeding, naturally), Chuck is also ordered to attend the same anger management sessions with Red and Bomb, but nothing can cure his hyper-activeness.

Voiced by the fast-talking Josh Gad, who most would be familiar with for his adorable work as Olaf in "Frozen", expect him to turn up the madness to eleven when Chuck whizzes through the pig's castle.

Maya Rudolph as Mathilda

Calm and collected, Mathilda runs the therapy center to help soothe angry birds. However, when her maternal instincts kick in to save the birds' eggs from the pigs, she lets off her steam by laying a few devastating eggs of her own.

"Saturday Night Live" alumni and comedian Maya Rudolph is the voice of reason and serenity; until she lets her wild side take over her.

Peter Dinklage as Mighty Eagle

Perched high on his mountain nest, Mighty Eagle stands above all the flock of birds on Bird Island. Respected for his wings and wisdom (just don't drink from his Lake of Wisdom though), Red, Chuck and Bomb seek him to find out what the pigs are planning.

More familiar to us as everyone's favourite character in "Game of Thrones", the Mighty Eagle is voiced by Peter Dinklage who has also previously done voice work for "Ice Age".

Bill Hader as Leonard

When a mysterious ship lands on the shores of Bird Island, the birds are fascinated by the (not so) grand entrance of Leonard; the leader of the pigs. Confident, charming and conniving, the birds still can't help to be taken in by his charisma except for Red who sees the obvious.

Bill Hader will regale the king of pigs with his royal voice, but see him fall to panic when birds start flinging themselves at his castle.

"The Angry Birds Movie" is now showing in cinemas.

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