Movies Not to Miss: June 2016

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If June is supposed to be the height of the summer blockbuster release months, 2016 certainly does not disappoint. While there is not a single superhero in sight in June's releases, it won't be giving you any breaks from going to the cinemas. There are still plenty of worlds to destroy and save, crimes to stop for the everyday heroes, wild adventures to where the heart is, and bone-chilling suspense to make our hearts stop.

Even for those who like their moving going experience to be less action-packed, there is also the slower stuff with romance to melt yourself, or horror to keep you cringed throughout.

As much as some of us may not like the new look of the Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (and thank goodness they weren't aliens), the box office numbers for the reboot indicated that we were fine to giving our money to see more of them, and so here it is. Even though it has replaced most of the finer print from the director, to the voices of the turtles, to the composer, it still has the same fun and enjoyable vibe of Bayification.

General Release Date: 2 June

Paralysed from the neck down after a car accident, William Traynor has grown bitter about living and this takes a heavy toll on his caretakers. When Louisa Clark is out of a job, she is presented before Traynor as his newest caretaker. Bubbly meeting bitter, optimism meeting cynicism. Does love come before life, or me before you?

Adapted from the romance novel by Jojo Moyes, "Me Before You" could have been discounted into the tear-jerking romances of any Nicholas Sparks adaptation, but from the first trailers, it's hard not to fall in love for the on screen coupled played by Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin as their chemistry just seem too perfect for each other. Or maybe it's just nice to see the Mother of Dragons put on a nice red dress for once.

General Release Date: 2 June

Fewer video game wars are as epic in scale and imagination as the war between humans and orcs in "Warcraft". Based on the popular real-time strategy game that has made its developers a household name in the computer gaming world, "Warcraft" returns to the roots of its epic story, telling it from where it all began.

While the messy trailers haven't sell short the 20 months' worth of effects work that were poured into it, but it is also a cause for concern and confidence on how well this epic war story is going to be told. This is not just a movie that have been anticipated by fans for the last 10 years since it was announced, but also fans of director Duncan Jones, who is making his major studio debut, and hopefully will be able to stay for future continuations of the series.

General Release Date: 9 June


Based on the Enfield Poltergeist, taken from another infamous case out of the Warrens' files, this time the paranormal investigators are off to England where a poltergeist phenomenon has taken over a council house in Enfield. Director James Wan returns to terrify with his most efficient use of camera techniques to drive up the suspense, as Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles as Lorraine and Ed Warren respectively.

General Release Date: 9 June

If there's anything more dazzling than a well-timed explosion for a summer blockbuster, it's a flashy magic trick performed on the big screen. Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, with Lizzy Caplan as their newest member, are returning as the Four Horsemen to bedazzle you with their magic skills, while director Jon Chu plays his camera tricks to make everything look more than just the surface. Forced to steal a computer chip by a villainous Daniel Radcliffe (who left his wand at Hogwarts), and a cameo appearance by Jay Chou, and you have another caper adventure that will have you blinking and thinking twice.

General Release Date: 16 June

Set 6 months after "Finding Nemo", but took over a decade to be made, the fast talking and just as quickly forgetful blue tang Dory sets out to find her family after catching a glimpse of her past. Instead of splashing back and forth between open ocean and fish bowl in a dentist's office, Dory will find herself in a marine institute and meet with different school of fishes (and an octopus) to help her. Almost all of the old cast and crew are back, including director Andrew Stanton, who might be able to fish a few tears out of us, but with Ellen DeGeneres sounding off in the lead as Dory, we would probably be laughing them out in between.

General Release Date: 16 June

Speaking of well-timed explosions, there would plenty of those in "Independence Day: Resurgence" when aliens return to conquer the Earth 20 years later. After the climatic defeat of the alien armada in 1996, the Earth Space Defense force is set up to protect the planet from another extraterrestrial invasion. Only managing to bring back several alumni of the 1996 original, this time the defense force will be a new batch of young heroes, led by Liam Hemsworth, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jessie Usher, Maika Monroe, Sela Ward and China's Angelababy. Directed by Roland Emmerich, you can be sure there will be heavy emphasis on the visuals that are the stuff of summer blockbusters, so try to see it on the biggest screen you can find.

General Release Date: 23 June

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