See "The Dark Tower" characters in motion

"The Dark Tower" is just one of the latest Stephen King novel-based films, set to be released on 3 August this year. This film will be more of a sequel to the book series it is based on. With the critically-acclaimed writer and director, Nikolaj Arcel, working his magic, Stephen King fans are eagerly awaiting to watch the adaptation of what King has always considered his "magnum opus". Idris Elba stars as Roland Deschain, the gunslinger who is in search of the Dark Tower, which is the linchpin that connects all dimensions. Matthew McConaughey plays Walter Padick, a deceptive sorcerer who is also trying to locate the Dark Tower so he can use it to rule over the infinite dimensions. Finally, child star Tom Taylor plays Jake Chambers, the young boy who follows Roland on his journey as a sort-of protege. The trailer for "The Dark Tower" is set to be released tomorrow, but for now, check out these cool motion posters to see what's in store for the sci-fi Western horror film.

Idris Elba stars as Roland Deschain.

Matthew McConaughey as Walter Padick.

Tom Taylor as Jake Chambers.

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