5 reasons to board "The Commuter"

Liam Neeson and Vera Farmiga in a scene from "The Commuter".

After the Luc Besson-produced "Taken" became a surprise hit in 2008, most of the credit went to Liam Neeson for his engaging portrayal as an aging ex-CIA operative.

The veteran Irish actor has enjoyed a late-career renaissance since then, going strength to strength with a number of acclaimed action-oriented movies.

This year, we will see Neeson back in action with "The Commuter", where he plays an ex-cop-turned-insurance salesman, who gets caught in a web of intrigue while aboard a train from Manhattan.

Well, we are fortunate enough to catch this movie early on and here are the five reasons why you should board "The Commuter" when it arrives this 11 January at cinemas!

1. Liam Neeson still knows how to give a 'take-charge' performance

Liam Neeson leads the role as Michael McCauley in "The Commuter".

Believe it or not, Liam Neeson is 65-years-old, and yet, he proves that age is just a number. In "The Commuter", he delivers a commanding presence as usual and even engages in a few fight sequences as well. No doubt he is one of the major reasons that makes "The Commuter" a worthy ride.

2. The return of Hitchcockian territory

Liam Neeson must race against the time to find the truth in "The Commuter".

If you are familiar with the collaborative efforts between Liam Neeson and director Jaume Collet-Serra, their first two movies; "Unknown" (2011) and "Non-Stop" (2014) are both heavily influenced by Alfred Hitchcock. So, you will expect a level of intrigue, mystery and suspense in "The Commuter" that keeps you guessing until the end. The trailer even does a good job keeping us in the dark. For instance, who is that mysterious woman played by Vera Farmiga? Why Liam Neeson's character is being targeted in the first place? Well, you just have to see it for yourself when it opens this week.

3. It's a train version of "Non-Stop"

A scene from "The Commuter".

"Non-Stop" was no doubt one of Liam Neeson's most entertaining mystery thrillers to date. In order to jog your memory, that 2014 movie was about an alcoholic U.S. Federal Air Marshal who must identify the mysterious sender before people start to die in a specific period of time. If you enjoyed "Non-Stop", you are likely to go along with "The Commuter". His latest movie shares an identical premise, with a few exceptions such as the train setting instead of a plane.

4. Look out for the single-take fight sequence

One of the action moments in "The Commuter".

"The Commuter" is not particularly an action-packed movie, and yet, there is one sequence that got us hooked the most: a single-take fight sequence involving Neeson attempting to take down his attacker with an axe and other instruments.

5. A good warm-up to start your movie calendar fresh in 2018

A scene from "The Commuter".

In a Hollywood terms , January is notably a dumping ground for bad movies. But "The Commuter" is far from the "bad movie" category. So, if you are looking for a first 2018 movie to watch this still-fresh new year, "The Commuter" is likely your next (cinema) ticket to ride.

"The Commuter" opens in cinemas nationwide on 11 January 2018.

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