What the Ah Boys are up to during COVID-19 circuit breaker (CCB)

The Ah Boys here looking like such squad goal.
The Ah Boys here looking like such squad goal.

Singapore has recently started its COVID-19 circuit breaker (CCB), in hopes of stopping the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Celebrities are, of course, not exempt from adhering to it – not even these Ah Boys! Let's take a look below at what the "Ah Boys to Men" stars have been sharing on their Instagram during CCB.

Joshua Tan

Joshua Tan, who plays Ken Chow in the "Ah Boys" movies, says he and his fiancée, Zoen Tay, are "long distance relationship-trained". So there's no problem for them not seeing each other during the CCB period.

Tosh Zhang

Tosh Zhang, a.k.a. the stern Second Sergeant Alex Ong, shows off his gangsta grill in a recent selfie! Other than that, the singer-actor has also been 'HIIT-ing' hard to maintain his fit frame.

Maxi Lim

His wedding to fiancée Lizy Teo had to be postponed, but Maxi Lim (or Aloysius Jin a.k.a. Wayang King) has been sharing his pre-wedding photos which also feature his fellow "Ah Boys" stars!

Wang Weiliang

Wang Weiliang, very famous for playing Bang "Lobang" Lee Onn (that's even his IG handle), doesn't post as much as the other "Ah Boys". His most recent update on Instagram was five weeks ago.

Noah Yap

Looks like Noah Yap, or Man In Ping a.k.a. IP Man in "Ah Boys", is sharing co-star Maxi Lim's happiness by sharing similar photos – except he's hilariously trying to pick which of these funny photos should be his next profile pic.

(Photo source: Maxi Lim's Instagram)

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