Keanu Reeves leads "47 Ronin"

Keanu Reeves simply cannot stay away from roles as the "Chosen One". The "Matrix" trilogy star will make his debut as a half-Japanese, half-British samurai in Universal's 3D film, "47 Ronin". There hasn't been word or hype about this film previously due to budget issues, but the film looks to have a definite release in Christmas now with the release of four promotional posters featuring the cast in their best samurai/menacing pose.

"47 Ronin" tells the story of Kai, an outcast who is rescued by Kuranosuke Oishi (Hiroyuki Sanada) to join the 47 ronin. All of them seek revenge against Lord Kira, who killed their master and banished the group. However, the journey to defeat the supernatural Lord Kira and his powerful aide, Mizuki (Rinko Kikuchi) will not be easy.

Keanu Reeves as Kai.

Rinko Kikuchi as Mizuki, one of the antagonists.

We have no idea who he is, but he looks like a "Tekken" character.
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