"Pan" posters and images

"Pan" is Warner Bros.' upcoming Peter Pan origin movie which tells the story of an orphaned boy from London, who finds himself in a strange, magical land called Neverland. There he encounters many adventures that shape him into the boy now widely known as Peter Pan.

Set to hit the cinemas in North America on 17 July 2015, director Joe Wright says of the movie: "This isn't exactly the Neverland story you know." Indeed it is not, as Hugh Jackman, set to be the nemesis to newcomer Levi Miller's Peter, plays Blackbeard instead of Hook. Garrett Hedlund plays the latter but is neither a captain nor has a hook for a hand.

Take a look below at the movie images and character posters of "Pan" courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and Warner Bros.:

Hugh Jackman and Levi Miller in "Pan".

Hugh Jackman plays feared pirate, Blackbeard.

Levi Miller is the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, Peter Pan.

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