Guess these "Zootopia" poster parodies

Coming to the big screens on 25 February 2016 is a promising Disney movie by the name of "Zootopia".

As the name suggests, the movie is laden with many anthropomorphic animals. One Nick Wilde, a fast-talking fox, turns into an on-the-run criminal when he is framed for a crime that he did not commit. He soon finds himself teaming up with Lt. Judy Hopps, a self-righteous rabbit and the top cop of Zootopia, when both of them become the target of a conspiracy.

The movie has recently released a series of posters that parody the blockbuster movies of 2015.

Have fun guessing which poster is a parody to which movie!

A bigger view of the terrific "Giraffic World" poster.

That's one crowded utopia.

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