Side-by-side comparison photos of "Warcraft" orcs

While gamers may be looking forward to "Warcraft: The Beginning" since it is adapted from the popular "Warcraft" game series, moviegoers who are not familiar with the game too have something to look forward to in the form of its visual aesthetics.

Using CGI in an adventure fantasy movie is no anomaly, but the upcoming movie takes it up a notch by modelling its digitalised orc characters after their human actors so closely that audiences will be able to immerse themselves in the realness of the characters and still appreciate the actors' performances behind it all.

The orcs can soon be seen in "Warcraft: The Beginning", opening in cinemas this 9 June.

The movie follows Anduin Lothar versus Durotan, Human and Orc heroes from the original real-time strategy games, as the Dark Portal opens to connect Azeroth and the dying world of Draenor, bringing with it destruction and extinction.

See the side-by-side comparison of the orc characters and the actors who portray them below:

The digitalised "Warcraft" orcs very closely resemble their human actors.

Draka (Anna Galvin).

Gul'dan (Daniel Wu).

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