Remember these "Fast and Furious" baddies?

If you haven't been following the franchise, be warned that this article contains SPOILERS. Everyone is familiar with the members of Dom's crew and their allies. There is no crew without the big man himself, Dominic Toretto, and with the absence of Brian O'Conner, things will never be the same. And while the addition of Luke Hobbs was late to the game, he's quickly become a prominent presence in the franchise. All of the protagonists – past and present – are what makes the "Fast and Furious" franchise so great. And, as is the rule, for every hero – or, well, in this case, anti-hero – there has to be a villain. And since there are so many great protagonists in the franchise, there's got to be just as many antagonists good enough to take them all on. Catch Dom's crew who will face new baddies and burn rubber once more in "Fast and Furious 8" this 13 April.

Johnny Tran – "The Fast and the Furious".
The first big baddie of the series. Tran (Rick Yune) was the head of an opposing race crew to Dominic Toretto's and it is implied that he was involved in organised crime. Tran and his cousin, Lance, pulled a drive-by shooting at Dom's house that kills one of Dom's crew members, Jesse, after Tran mistakenly accuses Dominic of being responsible for a SWAT team invasion on his home (Brian was actually the one who organised the SWAT assault). Brian shoots Tran near the end of the movie, ending Tran's life.

Carter Verone – "2 Fast 2 Furious".

Verone (Coel Hauser) was a ruthless Argentinian-born drug lord based in Miami. He puts out the word that he needs drivers to deliver a package, subsequently leading to Customs and FBI placing Brian O'Conner and Roman Pearce undercover as drivers in order to infiltrate his organisation and facilitate an arrest. Verone planned to have Brian and Roman killed after they've completed the delivery, but his plan is thwarted. At the end of the movie – after a car chase, of course – Verone is arrested and never heard from again.

Takashi 'DK' – "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift".

A street racer and the former 'Drift King' of Tokyo, DK (Brian Tee) first goes against Sean Boswell in a street race and wins. When his uncle tells him that his friend, Han Seoul-Oh, has been skimming money from them, Takashi confronts Han and afterwards, they get into a car chase which ultimately ends with Han's death. While seeking revenge for Han, Sean and Takashi get into another race and this time, Sean wins while Takashi's car is last seen going down a mountain

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