Sir Roger Moore's iconic moments as James Bond

As most people probably know by now, actor Sir Roger Moore passed away yesterday from cancer, at age 89. Even so, his legacy lives on as the actor who starred in the most "James Bond" movies, seven in total between 1973 and 1985. Tributes have been pouring in for the legend from actors who portrayed the character before and after he did, as well as from those who have ever worked on any "James Bond" movies. The world is emptier from this loss, but when a person's life ends, it is the duty of those left behind to keep them alive in their memory. Thus, in hopes of keeping his memory alive and to celebrate the life he lived, we present to you what Roger Moore was best known for: his portrayal of the suave and intelligent Agent 007, James Bond.

James Bond and Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles)... in space! As seen in "Moonraker", 1979. Moore was several days late to arrive at Rio de Janeiro for filming due to a kidney stones attack he suffered while in France. The second he stepped off the plane, Moore was whisked off to change and for hair and makeup work before re-boarding the plane so they could film him as James Bond arriving in Rio for the movie.

James Bond hanging on the side of a cliff, near the end of "For Your Eyes Only", 1981. Did you know? For the rock-face climax, Moore's stuntman, Rick Sylvester, had to dangle over a 20-foot drop while Moore only had to dangle over a 4 -foot drop due to the vertigo he suffered, despite the Valium he took and the beer he drank before filming the scene.

James Bond and Octopussy (Maud Adams) in "Octopussy", 1983. Though several younger actors were screen tested to replace Moore as James Bond in this movie (including James Brolin), the producers ultimately decided to retain Moore as Agent 007.

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