Louis Koo stars in fantasy wuxia film, "Kung Fu Monster"

Writer: Florey DM

Hong Kong star Louis Koo teams up with "Legend of the Fist" director Andrew Lau for the upcoming fantasy wuxia film, "Kung Fu Monster". The movie tells of a rare creature that has escaped from the royal palace, prompting martial arts masters everywhere to try and find the creature as the palace has put a hefty bounty on it. The cast also includes Cheney Chen and Hayden Guo from the "Tiny Times" movie series, as well as Zhou Dongyu, who previously starred in "The Thousand Faces of Dunjia". Let's see what "Kung Fu Monster" will bring to moviegoers when it opens in cinemas this 3 January 2019!

Zhou Dongyu striking one of her martial arts poses.

Why is he cautiously peering around while staying half hidden?

Generously sharing some food with the poor.

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Cinema Online, 27 December 2018

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