Watch what she does when an app starts to "Countdown" her life

Apps have grown to become an important part of every smartphone user out there, each has its own use, whether for fun or for more serious tasks. Except for this one app that a young nurse, Quinn (played by Elizabeth Lail, star of TV series "You" and "Once Upon a Time"), downloaded. It supposedly predicts when a person will breathe their last breath on earth – and it tells her she only has a little over two days to live. As there is also a mysterious figure haunting her, Quinn is now frantically racing against time to save herself. Before we find out her fate in "Countdown", take a look at the movie stills below to see what the horror thriller is bringing when it clocks into cinemas soon.

Keep quiet, don't let them know where you are!

The "Countdown" has begun. Can Quinn save herself before time runs out?
Find out when the movie hits the big screen soon!

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