Liam Neeson's character is in "Cold Pursuit" of his son's killers

Oscar-nominated action star Liam Neeson returns to what he does best in his latest big screen venture, "Cold Pursuit". The 66-year-old stars as Nelson "Nels" Coxman, a snow plow driver who is grieving his son's recent heroin overdose death. When he finds out that a drug cartel might be responsible for it, he turns vigilante and starts tracking down the drug lords to avenge his son's death. Scroll through the movie stills below to see what kind of stone cold action is in store in "Cold Pursuit".

Nels was a loving father to his son.

After he turns vigilante, Nels plows more than just snow with that snow plow.

Seen here is one of Nels' vigilante "handiworks"; what a cold way to go.

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