Yuna sings for "The Croods"

Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna has been making Malaysia proud with her accomplishments.

The name Yuna, whom many are getting to be more familiar with, is what Kedah-born Yunalis Zarai, is known in the music industry. The Malaysian singer-songwriter first became famous as an independent solo artist through MySpace, before she went on to sign with the Indie-Pop record label and management company in the US, and at present, with Verve Records. One could say that her biggest turning point came when she released the single "Live Your Life", which she performed on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Now, with hits like "Dan Sebenarnya", "Deeper Conversation", "Terukir Di Bintang", "Memo", "Photo Of You" and "Sparkle", Yuna has been roped in to work on the theme song for Dreamworks Animation's "The Croods", together with Owl City, titled "Shine Your Way". We were only too glad when we recently had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her new song and upcoming album, her interest in films, fashion advice and men.

Tell us more about your song for "The Croods", "Shine Your Way".
The song was recorded separately, I was in LA and Adam was in Minnesota, we did not meet each other until the video shoot! The song tells us to be confident, and not be afraid, be close to your family, and also travel the world and learn new things!

More of your songs are now used for TV series and films, like "Tourist" in "Arrow", "Favourite Thing" in "Pretty Little Liars", "Here Comes The Sun" cover in "Savages" and "Shine Your Way" in "The Croods". Have you thought about going into acting like some of your musical peers?
Not really! I'm not really a good actress! I'll just stick to making music for films and shows!

What is your favourite film of all-time?
It would have to be The Mighty Ducks.

Who's your favourite actor/actress? Name an actor and/or an actress.
Kirsten Dunst!

What's the status of your new album? Tell us a little about it.
I'm still in the midst of recording, working with a lot of different producers, mainly Mike Einziger, who is the guitarist of Incubus.

When can fans expect it to be released?
Hopefully it will be out by September!

You started out writing poetries when you were 14, then songs when you were 19. What was your inspiration?
From everything basically -books that i read, movies that i watch, and the conversations i have with people.

What's the biggest advice you can give to your fans who are budding singers-songwriters?
Don't be scared, be confident and most of all, be real.

What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you throughout your career?
People pretending to be me on Facebook or twitter. It's still these, these fake accounts, I have no idea who's behind it!

Since you are now based in Los Angeles, do you miss Malaysia, particularly Malaysian food?
Of course! This may sound cliché, but you would miss nasi lemak the most when you're away for a long time.

Any favourite places for food that you love to visit in Los Angeles?
In downtown LA where I live, there's a hidden spot in the fashion district, which has the best halal steak baguette sandwich. I eat there all the time. Also because its halal, and finding halal food is rare here in LA.

Do you have any favourite designers?
I love Ellie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Alexander Wang and Jean Paul Gaultier.

What is your biggest fashion no-no?
Wearing see-through leggings as pants.

What style advice you can give to your fans?
Be comfortable and be original. Also be easy on the eyes, ask for opinions, even if it is your mom.

Are you currently seeing anyone now?
No, not at the moment! I'm happy I have a lot of friends!

What kind of man do you see yourself with?
A man who knows how to respect my feelings and would to put a ring on it, haha! I like hardworking guys. I would love to end up with someone who's passionate about work but also passionate about life and living life with me.

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Yuna and Owl City are singing the theme song for "The Croods" titled "Shine Your Way".