Another Look At Bourne

The sequel is coming out this coming July, and we are giving you an exclusive look at the much-anticipated sequel to the Bourne trilogy.

Reunited with the original Bourne cast, Matt Damon is back as David Webb, codename Jason Bourne. Looking slightly different from the last time we saw him in "The Bourne Identity", he is still suffering from memory loss...

(NOTE: Spoilers Ahead)
Now living with Marie in India, Bourne is still trying to recall what happened to him before his memory loss. To help jog his memory back, he now keeps a notebook where he writes down information about every flashback he has.

In Rome, a Bourne look-a-like kills a CIA rep and steals valuable information about the KGB that the CIA is going to buy, leaving behind a file with the heading "Treadstone". Thinking that Bourne is the killer, CIA Agent Helen Landy (Joan Allen) begins her search for Jason Bourne.

Meanwhile back in India, Bourne is caught by the Indian authorities after beating up a bus driver, (for reasons I cannot tell you.). To make matters worse, Bourne is being held in prison by the authorities when his fake Belgian passport was discovered...

Returning for this sequel besides Matt Damon are Franka Potente and Julia Stiles, who will be reprising their roles as Maria Kreutz, and Agent Nicolette respectively. Also joining the sequel are Joan Allen ("Pleasantville") and Karl Urban ("Lord of The Rings").

"The Bourne Supremacy" opens in cinemas nationwide on July 23, 2004.