Dark Knight Meets Man Of Steel

Wolfgang Petersen

Director Wolfgang Petersen, who has just completed making his epic movie "Troy", is still interested in making the Batman/Superman movie he talked about two years ago, and is planning to bring the movie to life.

However, Petersen's Batman/Superman project might be completely separate from Christopher Nolan's upcoming "Batman Begins", and Petersen might not even be using Nolan's new Batman, Christian Bale, in his movie.

Apparently, Petersen's personal favourite to play the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel right now are Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom, who have just worked with him on the set of "Troy". Aside from the fact that Petersen will be directing the movie, nothing about the Batman/Superman project has been confirmed yet.

Wolfgang Petersen's epic movie, "Troy", which stars Brad Pitt, Bana, Bloom and Peter O'Toole, will be opening in cinemas nationwide this coming May 13, 2004.