The cast of "Sumolah" to meet fans

Writer: Pamela June

5 May – The cast of "Sumolah" will be in your town to meet their fans at various local cinemas soon.

Fans of director and actor, Afdlin Shauki, will have an opportunity to meet him during the sessions. Actors Awie, Patrick Teoh, Radhi Khalid and actress Inthira Charoenpura of "Nang Nak" fame will also be there to greet fans.

Besides meeting the celebrities, fans can also take this opportunity to win exclusive "Sumolah" movie merchandise, receive autographs, as well as a photo session with the stars.

"Sumolah" is about Ramlee (Afdlin Shauki), who is tricked into competing in the Malaysian Sushi Association's Amateur Sumo Wrestling Championship. He is challenged by the vengeful Akira (Gurmit Singh), his love interest's (Inthira Charoenpura) former lover, who is also the main contender to win the prize money. He is left with the option of either finding the inner strength to face his challenges or to just give up.

The cast will be travelling North, South and even East Malaysia beginning 5 May, in line with the movie's nationwide release on 10 May, 2007.

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Cinema Online, 05 May 2007