"Hellboy 2" takes local BO crown

14 July - "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" and "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" were the widest releases last weekend, with the former taking over the box office helm from Will Smith's superhero spoof "Hancock".

Although the cigar-chomping superhero got to keep his name this time around (the 2004 first instalment was titled "Super Sapiens" in Malaysia), Hellboy almost lost out to a boisterous "Journey To The Center Of The Earth", which did some very good business at local cinemas over the weekend just gone(July 10-13). By 12.30pm on Sunday, tickets for the 3D version of the adventure film were already sold out for the rest of the day at GSC Mid Valley. According to the film's distributor, box office sales for the 3D show at TGV Sunway and TGV KLCC have yet to catch up to the regular version, probably due to the lack of public awareness that it is available at those locations.

With "Hancock" in third place, fantasy movie "War Of The Dragons" failed to trouble "Wanted" at No.4, but managed to outperform the month-long residue appeal from Steve Carell's "Get Smart" at No.6.

Local distributor and exhibitor Lotus Five Star had the most to shout about last weekend, as their first film venture "Muniyandi" kept abreast of "Dasavatharam", both enjoying good runs at the cinemas. However, the biggest holdover went to "Kung Fu Panda", as Po remained in the top ten after six long weeks on release.

Other releases last weekend include futuristic Hindi special "Love Story 2050" Tamil picture "Aayudham Seivom", both languishing outside the top ten, back to back at No.14 and No.15 respectively.

Separate queuing for "Journey 3D" buyers as Hellboy watches from a poster

Novelty "Journey 3D" was top pick at GSC Mid Valley on Sunday

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