Jack Neo Malay movie?

Director Jack Neo giving a speech

14 Nov – Famed Singaporean director Jack Neo was aglow with ambition when he told Cinema Online: "I plan on venturing into Malay films in future and hope to get a chance to direct one as well". When probed further, he said: "I'm honest about my decision because I find that the Malay market is quite big, so why not? In terms of the genre, it would most probably be a comedy."

The director, together with actor Henry Thia and actress Lai Ming, attended an appreciation night for the extremely successful "Money No Enough 2" at One World Hotel on 13 November 2008. Jack Neo's comedies are quickly turning into box office gold guarantee, as "Money No Enough 2" managed to rake in RM4.6 million at Malaysian cinemas, surpassing the previous record holder of highest-grossing Singaporean movie which is "Ah Long Pte Ltd", itself a Jack Neo film.

(L-R) Henry Thia, Lai Ming and Jack Neo toast to the success of the film

Guests that attended the celebration dinner

As a special preview for the guests that night, the director also introduced a two-minute teaser for his next film "Love Matters", which wrapped up shooting in Malaysia on 11 November 2008. The director did not want to further divulge what the movie is about, but said that it is a romantic comedy about a husband and wife who love each other. The movie will release in cinemas 26 February 2009. Fans will be able to see the official trailer in December.

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