Mark Lee turns director?

Writer: Goh Wen Xuan

14 Jul – Singapore comedian Mark Lee, who has been in the entertainment scene for years, will make his directorial debut in a horror-comedy titled "The Ghost Must Be Crazy" – "The Ghost Bride".

"The Ghost Bride" explores the Chinese ritual of ghost marriage, where Ah Hui, who is going through a period of rough times in his life, meets a strange man named Ah Hai who changes his life. Aside from Mark Lee, actress Tay Ying Ying and veteran actor Henry Thia will also star in the movie.

The movie is part of a series tentatively titled "The Ghost Must Be Crazy", where another story entitled "Who Is The Ghost" will be directed by Boris Boo, who previously did "Where Got Ghost" and "Phua Chu Kang The Movie".

"The Ghost Must Be Crazy" with a production budget of S$1.2 million, is produced by J Team Productions and will be distributed in Singapore by Golden Village Pictures. The movie is slated to open in Singapore in mid-November 2010, while a Malaysian release is yet to be confirmed.

"The Ghost Bride" is currently in production stages and is set to open in Singapore mid-November 2010!

Cinema Online, 14 July 2010