Cash of the Titans

Writer: Lai Swee Wei

5 Apr – "Clash Of The Titans" easily conquered the worldwide box office over Easter weekend as the film topped in the United States and all 15 of its foreign markets including Britain, South Korea and Spain, according to Reuters. Although the film played in more 2D locations, the 3D screenings accounted for just over half of total sales worldwide. The 3-D remake of the 1981 classic also took up US$61.4 million in the United States and Canada, shattering previous Easter opening record of US$40.2 million by "Scary Movie 4" based on early studio estimates.

The film had the best ever weekend opening for Warner Bros. in Singapore, outgrossing all movies with S$3.1 million. Meanwhile, some moviegoers in Malaysia expressed dissatisfaction over the Mandarin subtitles in digital 3D, as it apparently distracted audiences' attention away from the movie with 3D effect.

On another note, GSC Alamanda celebrated its second anniversary over the weekend with month-long promotions. "Evolusi KL Drift 2" was a hot-seller and coincidentally the first movie was the opening title at its official launch two years ago.

Box office takings for the weekend just gone
(1 Apr – 4 Apr)
1. Clash Of The Titans
2. Evolusi KL Drift 2
3. How To Train Your Dragon
4. Paiyaa
5. Beauty On Duty
6. Alice In Wonderland
7. Future X-Cops
8. Just Another Pandora's Box
9. It's Complicated
10. Daybreakers
1. Clash of the Titans
2. How to Train Your Dragon
3. When In Rome
4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
5. Fire of Conscience
6. Ju-On: White Ghost & Black Ghost
7. The Men Who Stare at Goats
8. A Single Man
9. Alice In Wonderland
10. Whip It
Cinema Online, 05 April 2010